Jinsai.org team is looking for some materials related to the Master Jinsai. They are the following:


Spiritual photos: It is know that there are 3 Meishu-Sama´s spiritual photos, one of them can be seen here, and the other one can be seen here. However, the other one have never seen by Jinsai.org team.

Master´s diary transcription: Much of His history is known by a diary registered by His own hands, whose transcription would be very helpfull to our activities.

The Image of Koomyo Caligraphy sent to the USA: It is known that this is the only Master Jinsai's calligraphy which, instead of being signed Jikan, He signed "Sekai Kyussei", which means "Savior of the World".


If anyone have some information about those materials, send us an e-mail: jinsai@jinsai.org. Since now our team appreciate!





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