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As I have said repeatedly, the goal of our church is the salvation of mankind. Simply stated, the salvation of mankind means the elimination of all the fears that plague human society.

The greatest of these fears, as you realize, are disease, poverty and conflict. Of these, sickness is undoubtedly the most formidable, for nothing assails man so constantly as the threat of disease. I don't think it is too much to say that there is no man alive who can remain completely free from this dread throughout his entire lifetime.

The second strongest fear of mankind is poverty, but we realize that it, in turn, is caused in large measure by disease. This fear of sickness has not lessened as our civilization has progressed, but instead seems to be on the increase.

Since it is widely believed now that the cause of almost all disease in germs, or bacteria, the fear of them in most people is far greater than ever before. For this reason, every possible measure is being taken in the attempt to totally eradicate disease—physical checkups, preventive injections, X-ray photographs, and so forth. It is not too much to say that there is nothing left to be desired as to medical facilities, such as health centers, public and private hospitals, national sanitariums and doctors' offices. The cost and labor required for these facilities are so tremendous they stagger the imagination; the share the general public pays must reach serious proportions.

Now, as I have already mentioned, it is my belief that the fear of poverty is caused by sickness. In addition to the great outlays of money an individual must make for medical treatment, there is loss of income as the result of being absent from work. Also, if the head of a family dies, the surviving family members often have to face great financial difficulties. The marked increase of crimes after World War II is primarily attributable to such circumstances, I believe. Of course, war itself is responsible for much of the misery, but the damage of war are only temporary while those of sickness endure. Therefore, we may say that sickness is the most serious of all miseries.

However, we can easily recognize what a terrible distress the third fear, the specter of war, is when we consider the perilous situation the people of the world find themselves in today. I am referring to the fact that the extreme friction between the two giant powers, the United States and the Soviet Union , has grown so tense a war could break out at any time. Some scholars believe, especially now that the atomic bomb—the most terrible weapon in all history—has appeared, that if a third world war should break out the annihilation of mankind would be inevitable. Indeed, nothing else can be as frightening as this thought is for all the human race.

The primary responsibility with which man is charged today is to find a way to banish his three greatest fears. Throughout its history, the world has been filled with agonizing situations which have occurred almost without any break. If you can accept that there truly is a God, you should understand that He with His Great Love will not leave the world in such a state much longer.

I firmly believe that the age of such suffering is coming to its end and that a paradise on earth, filled with goodness and beauty, is being born. Having absolute conviction about the coming of such a world, we of World Messianity are pushing forward toward our goal with unshakable faith. What else could Jesus have meant by his prophecy, "The kingdom of heaven is at had"?

For the reason mentioned above, it is our heartfelt conviction that the banishment of the three scourges—sickness, poverty and conflict—from the face of this earth is the true mission of religion.


January 7, 1950



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