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Religion and government are closely related; yet, strangely, most people have not paid much attention to this fact.

In the past, governmental administrators did not like to see any religion touching upon politics, and religion in general was oppressed. This was the actual state in Japan up to the end of World War II, a phenomenon observable in every age. Quite a few religions have experienced such severe persecution that they have been on the point of being completely destroyed.

However hard any religion strives to bring about an ideal world through the promotion of man's welfare, the goal of all genuine faiths, if the administration of the affairs of a country is not good it stands to reason that this goal cannot be achieved. So, in order to have good government, it is necessary to have good administrators. In order for an individual to be a good statesman, it is necessary for him to have a true spiritual awareness. In order to bring about an ideal world in the future, it is an absolute requirement that religion be woven into governmental affairs.

I believe the greatest weakness for statesmen to exhibit - in Japan, at least is to fall into the habit of corrupt practices. The cause of this is the lack of spiritual awareness among administrators; that is, the majority of them are too materialistic. What we need most are many statesmen who have a true faith in God, for only then can we expect favorable progress. In order to build a new Japan, I believe it is most necessary to promote the growth of spiritual understanding in the hearts of our administrators, so they may govern their country's affairs on the basis of faith. These days, the main topics of conversation are corruption in government, illegal actions in elections, dishonest practices among government officials, tax evasion by everyone in general, and degradation of educators.

Not only administrators and authonties in every field, but also the general public are trying hard to find the most effective way by which to purify our terribly tarnished society. But what they are putting sole reliance on as the best means of preventing crime is the power of the law, and so they are completely missing the basic point. I say this because the root of all crime lies in man's spiritual being. The only effective cure is to purify this spiritual being, and I believe there is no way to do this other than through the practicing of true faith.


January 25, 1949



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