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Evil is the committing of acts such as intimidating others, making them suffer for one's own interests, or corrupting society. These evil deeds do a great deal of harm to society in general, as well as to individuals.

In every field of human activity, there seems to be no one who is not a victim of evil in some way. For example, in order to prevent burglars from breaking in, people have to build their windows so small that they hamper the free circulation of air, and even in the midst of the hottest season they have to keep their doors securely locked. And, if they are to be away, they have to ask someone to guard their homes. If others them to take part in seemingly profitable ventures, they have to be lookout for possible swindles. People are forced to constantly look on others with suspicion.

Stories of robberies and burglaries that have occurred in the neighbohood and news articles about other crimes make it impossible for honest individuals to sleep in peace. It is extremely dangerous for anyone especialy for women and children to walk alone on dark, deserted streets late at night. It is always necessary to beware of pickpockets on trains, streetcars and buses. Employers have to be watchful because some of their employees may be dishonest. Those who have stores must constantly be on guard against shoplifters. Such cases are so many in number that it seems we are almost completely surrounded by dishonest people, and the situation forces us to lead very insecure lives.

But this is not all. Sons and daughters may be exposed to various temptations as they reach adolescence. Wives may have cause to worry about their husbands' dissipations or whether they have mistresses. Husbands be anxious about the chastity of their wives. Unexpected setbacks, caused by evildoers, may occur in business. A tremendous amount of money from the national budget has to be earmarked for crime-prevention organizations such as the police forces and the courts of law. Stores and companies are compelled to construct fortress-like warehouses and to install special safes in order to prevent their employees from stealing. In addition, they have to keep more account books, slips and receipt forms than are actually necessary and these require a larger number of employees to handle the extra work.

All of these precautions are also necessitated by evil intentions: being watchful against the possible theft of materials stored in plants and ware­houses; prevention of deception or manipulation at the time of delivery of goods and of overpayment for them; guarding against goods being rejected; taking precautions against sabotage and strikes of a vicious nature; preventing capitalists' excessive pursuit of profits.

The corrupt practices of government employees seem to have become common. One hears of cases in which the amount of financial contributions determine whether or not applicants obtain admission to the schools of their choice. Few seem to be able to obtain government clearance without some form of behind-the-scenes maneuvering.

In other areas too, justice seems to be very rare. It appears to be almost impossible to get along in life, even to survive, without having something to do with some form of evil.

When we compare them, we can see that there is a greater amount of evil than good in the world today. In view of the damage, harm and uneasiness caused by evil, the losses suffered by society as well as by individuals must be tremendous. Therefore, the rate of reconstruction of a new Japan and the progress of civilization depends upon the amount of evil.

The solution of all problems, the success or failure of any project, depends on how much good is done or how much evil is committed. For this reason, all people statesmen, administrators, educators, intellectuals, everyone should do their very best to eliminate evil. There is no effective way to conquer it except by annihilating it. And the best way to accomplish this is to awaken everyone to true faith in God.


January 25, 1949




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