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The authorities complain of the increase of crimes and often ask what can be done about them. Let me write my opinion on this.

Plainly speaking, modern people have not as yet reached the stage of completion as true human beings. The reason I say so is that they still have a lot of beast-like characteristics. They are, so to speak, half-beast, half-human beings. You may think that I am voicing a severe criticism, but I can't help it because it is true. I am going to write the reason for this, and I am sure you will come to agree with me when you read it.

As means of preventing crimes, there are police forces, courthouses, jails, a great number of officials to operate these, and hundreds of thousands of laws. Also, on the outside everything is so fully equipped there seems to be no room for any crime to be committed. This is no different from the fact that many strong bars are made on cages of captured wild animais to protect humans from being harmed by them. We may say that since ancient days we human beings have racked our brains to protect ourselves from dangerous wild beasts, constructing stronger and stronger cages; but how many times have those wild creatures easily broken them? In like manner, we have come to construct finer legal networks of con- tainment more skillfully until finally we have reached the present state of measures to prevent crimes.

Look! The laws and regulations increase every year. It is what I call making the network finer. We have to treat criminals like this because these beast-humans are sharpening their claws and their fangs so they may break out of the cages. This is the cause of the insecurity in society. In fact, while criminals are human beings in outward appearance, they are beasts inside.

If they were true human beings, by now a society would have been brought about in which no cages were necessary. An individual who will never do any wicked deed, no matter where he may be left alone, has the qualifications to be a true human being indeed. However much progress civilization may have made, public morals continue to deteriorate today. This proves that the means of breaking out of the cages are superior to the means of preventing such breakouts. This is why I call today's civilization a one-sided civilization in which only materialism has advanced.

In the above sense, a world where there were no laws or crime-prevention facilities because they were unnecessary would truly be a world suitable for human beings to live in. We may say that to create such a place for real human beings is the goal toward which we are working.



September 3rd, 1949



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