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I am going to discuss crime in society, which is the greatest problem of Japan today.

To begin with, it is necessary to examine the efficiency of the countermeasures against social crimes which are being taken by Japan 's leaders. Statesmen are trying to control evils by making laws and regulations as stringent as possible. Since such measures do not touch the fundamental cause, wicked people are concentrating their efforts on cleverly evading the laws while watching for opportunities to engage in illegal practices. The government, meanwhile, is making the network of laws more and more elaborate in order to keep the wicked from having any chance to commit crimes. Each side is trying to outwit the other.

People may picture individuals who break the laws as ex-convicts, syndicate bosses or delinquents. Actually, lawbreakers are not necessarily such subnormal individuals. They even include Diet members, cabinet members, statesmen, other government officials, and prominent businessmen. It is no exaggeration to state that there is hardly any one of these who completely observes the laws.

It is said that the publicized criminals are just the visible peak of an iceberg. People often comment that those who are arrested are merely unlucky, that there is ample proof many crimes are committed without the knowledge of the general public.

When we study those criminals intensively, we find that they are not afraid of committing wrong deeds. They do not have any guilty conscience if they cause damage to their country, exert harmful influence on society, or plague other individuals. When caught, they know how to blame others but they never think of blaming themselves.

We often hear that while other people are suffering under the burden of heavy taxes, many of those who are fond of carousing at wild parties in expensive restaurants are government officials. If these individuals have no guilty conscience about their wrongdoings, are not ashamed of their sinful acts, feel no compassion toward those they distress, they have already lost their value as human beings. No matter how lofty the theories such people might advocate, no matter how much scholarly knowledge they might boast of, they are not qualified to be true human beings. They are human in physical appearance, but spiritually they are empty. It is because there are too many individuals of this nature that evil is now ramant and society as a whole is in a hell-like condition. In short, we may say the entire nation of Japan is suffering from a serious illness.

Why has such a desperate condition developed? There is no doubt that the fundamental cause is the present educational method, which is extremely biased toward materialism, something to which I have repeatedly called attention. It is not, therefore, especially difficult to annihilate crime; we have only to destroy the materialism implanted in people's minds. Needless to say, this can be done through spiritual education. In other words, people should be educated so they recognize the existence of God, of spiritual things, and come to believe in the existence of the spiritual realm.

This is the primary mission of all religions, their noble and important purpose. However, it is impossible to help people become aware of the reality of God and the spiritual aspects of the universe by merely advocating theologies, by preaching, or by the chanting of sacred words. A religion must be able to work miracles so people experience for themselves the remarkable blessings of God. There is absolutely no other way to destroy materialistic ideas.



May 14th, 1949



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