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In Master Okada Jinsai´s vision, it was necessary to educate the human spirit to higher level social habits. With this purpose, He analyzed the basis of society, highlighting its mistakes and showing how to solve them. Such knowledge is essential for the creation of mamehito (true man).


Semi-Civilized Age

Materialism creates Evil

Cause of crime in society

The true cause of insecurity in society

The country governed by Michi (The way of truth)

Unique quality of Japanese culture

Good people can be successful

Elimination of Evill

Are evils in society the result of environment?

Religion and Government

Lawmaking body and law-erasing body

A newspaper that inspires Virtue

My philosophy on being in debt

Bad influence of early schooling

The reasons great geniuses are born

Do not ignore mathematical calculation

Cause of poverty

Is it good or bad to borrow money?

Eliminating fears


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