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Death is the extinction of life that occurs when, like a tree that withers and dies, the physical being is no longer capable of living. The numerous causes of death can be grouped into two major categories: natural and unnatural. Natural death comes when the living being's allotted spanof years has been exhausted. Unnatural death results from illness, accident, violence or suicide. Human beings should die naturally; yet, incredible as it may seem, natural deaths have steadily decreased in frequency as civilization has advanced, while unnatural ones, especially those caused by illness, have increased.

Why is it that, in spite of inexorable advances in other fields of civilization, the situation in relation to human life has retrogressed? This single fact should make one suspect some grave error, yet despite their limitless desire for research in other fields, they remain extremely indifferent to this issue, presumably because they are resigned to their inability to do anything about the question of mortality. This is because no science or religion of the past has ever been able to provide a definite solution to the question. Consequently, no matter what progress is made in other fields, in this one area man has no recourse at present but to let nature run its course.

The topic obviously requires further thought. Nothing could be more contrary to the intentions of God, who made man to be the supreme animal, than for unnatural deaths to exceed natural deaths in numberó and to continue increasing. If God is indeed almighty, sooner or later He must restore to humanity its qualifications as leader of creation. There is obviously no reason for God to look on silently forever at the abnormalities of human life.

It is natural, it follows, that the Almighty God should eliminate unnatural deaths and thereby lengthen human life through divine power. And this only underlines further the imminence of the world of light, the world free of sickness for which humanity has hoped for thousands of years.


June 19, 1936



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