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Man is often called a child of God and is also referred to as a temple of God. This is because man's soul the center of his being is an individualized part of God which has come to the Earth with a mission assigned by Him, as stated before. This is man's primary spirit.

After birth, another spirit which is of animal nature enters the body. This is called the secondary spirit. Ordinarily, each human being has one secondary spirit, but sometimes (though very rarely) an individual has two or even three secondary spirits.

I know that this is hard for the majority of people living today to accept. Probably most of them laugh at such an idea as being ridiculous and let it go at that. However, I have come to grasp the immutable truth through the many experiences I have had along this line as well as through the revelations I have received from God, so it is impossible for me to deny the facts.

The primary spirit, since it is divine in nature, is the center of spiritual consciousness, while the secondary spirit is the exact opposite; it is evil in nature and is the source of all negative ideas.

There is still another spirit besides the primary and the secondary which is in contact with an individual. This is his guardian spirit. In Japan , it is selected from among his ancestors for the purpose of protecting him when he is born on Earth.

We sometimes hear of people who have been miraculously saved from some danger or who have received a warning of some kind, perhaps through a precognitive dream or a flash of intuition. These have all been due to guardian spirits. Also, artists who are about to create beautiful works and inventors who are developing new ideas often receive a kind of inspiration. These too have come from guardian spirits.

There are many people whose rightful wishes have been realized, who have received wonderful blessings through their faith. These are the work of God, Who is acting through the guardian spirits. There is an expression, "Sincerity moves heaven," or "True love and devotion reach God." This means that God sends His blessings to such trusting individuals through their guardian spirits.


February 5, 1947



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