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Many people seem to be unfamiliar with the term "spiritual cord," probably because the existence of the cord is not generally known. While the spiritual cord is invisible, being of exceedingly fine texture —finer than atmosphere — its role and influence in all phases of physical life are so great, it cannot be lightly regarded. The cord influences the fate of a human being and even of the world's destiny at large. Therefore, it is important for us to know its significance.

Before going into detailed explanation, I wish to point out that this concept of the spiritual cord is scientific as well as religious. In the future, it will be a subject of much study, for relativity, cosmic rays, and all matters concerning people individually and society in general are related to the spiritual cord.

Let me explain first the relationship of the individual to other individuals through his and their spiritual cords. Suppose we take you, the reader, for example. There are innumerable invisible cords connecting you with the people around you — hundreds, thousands of them. Some are large and some are small, some are positive and some are negative. All exert constant influence on you to a certain degree, causing changes of a vibratory nature. Therefore, it is not too much to say that your very existence is being governed largely by the influence of the spiritual cords.

In personal relationships, the cords usually are strongest between husbands and wives, then between parents and children. After these in diminishing strength are the cords between brothers and sisters, other relatives, friends, and acquaintances. There are exceptions, such as the cords between friends who are spiritually very close. Japanese expressions such as "cords of love" and "to bind the cords of relationship" no doubt originated from someone's recognition of these invisible ties.

The spiritual cord is changeable, sometimes growing larger and stronger, sometimes becoming smaller and weaker. When all is harmonious between husband and wife and they are living together happily, the spiritual cord is very large and luminous. If there is discord and quarreling between them, the cord becomes smaller, losing luminosity to a certain extent as it shrinks. The same thing can be said about the spiritual cords connecting parents and children, brothers and sisters, and all others.

New cords are formed when new friends are gained or new acquaintances are made. An especially strong spiritual cord is formed when two individuals fall in love, and when that love reaches its greatest degree the cord becomes exceedingly large. Through it alternating currents of sentiment flow strongly between the two lovers. This creates a subtle and happy sensation, and a kind of longing or yearning goes back and forth until the spiritual cord is of the utmost strength and size. It is then that lovers become so close they feel they are indeed one and can no longer be apart. At this point, if relatives, friends or anyone else tries to separate them for any reason, the attempt only draws them closer together.

The mutual love of two individuals is analogous to the positive and negative poles of electric power, with the spiritual cord acting as conduit. I was once able to save two girls from committing double suicide over their homosexual relationship, working spiritually to negate the positive electricity. My treatment was totally effective in about a week, the positive individual returning to normal in that period. The negative person also recovered normalcy once the stronger one had done so.

The spiritual cords between nonrelatives can be cut or broken, but those between blood relations cannot be severed.

There is something special in a parent-child relationship which you should note. Since parents and children are inseparably connected, many of the parents' characteristics are transmitted to their children through the spiritual cords. For this reason, if people expect their children to be good, they must first be good themselves. Some parents admonish their children to be good while they themselves do wrongful things; then they wonder why their words have little or no effect.

Sometimes a seemingly wonderful couple produce a very delinquent child, and we wonder why this happens. Often it is because the apparently fine parents are acting virtuously for ulterior reasons and the excessive clouds is on their spiritual bodies are reflecting through the spiritual cords on their offspring.

Again, we sometimes find two children of widely different character in the same family, one good and the other bad. There are two possible reasons for this situation. One is connected with the children's previous lives and the other is karmic, a purification of the clouds of the parents. Before going into further detail, I must first explain the principles of reincarnation.

Simply stated, after death every human being enters the spiritual world; that is, he is born into the spiritual world. There each one has to through purification of all the clouds that were accumulated on earth from the negative deeds of various kinds. As a general rule, the individual reincarnates when he has achieved a certain degree of purification and his vibration has been raised.

Suppose a person who committed a lot of evil deeds in the previous life changed at the last moment because of the penalties inflicted or for some other reason, had a deep sense of repentance for having done anything negative, and passed over with a strong determination that the next time he incarnated he would be good, would act only in a virtuous way. He would then come back as a good person. So, it is possible that an individual who is virtuous by nature in this lifefetime may have been extremely wicked in the previous life.

There are many people who do not believe in life after death while they are living here. After death these people cannot easily adjust themselves in the spiritual world and often come back prematurely, in a state of incomplete purification, because of their undue attachment to physical life. They return retaining quite a lot of clouds from their previous lives and they have to go through purification for these clouds. (Any kind of suffering is purification, as you know.) This explains why some individuals are born very good people but lead quite unfortunate lives.

Some people are born crippled or deformed. For instance, there are some who enter this life blind, deaf, or handicapped in some other way. They are reincarnations of individuals who died unexpected deaths in their previous lives, such as in accidents, and were born again before they were purified sufficiently, not completely healed of their injuries.

Let me write about another situation which is an interesting illustration of reincarnation. Some babies are born with the features of elderly people. This is because they are reincarnations of those who died at quite advanced ages in their previous lives and came back too soon. Their features, however, change and become baby-like within a few months. I am sure anyone who has observed this can easily understand the above explanation.

Earlier in this article I mentioned the possible differences between two children of the same family. As I said, one may be good and the other bad. The reason may be that the positive nature of the parents' character may reflect in one child, making him good, while their negative nature may reflect in the other, making him bad.

In another instance, in a rich family where the parents have accumulated wealth by dishonest means, one of the children may turn out to be a prodigal son. If so, this is caused by the spirits of the family forebears, who are making one of the children squander the money like water until all of the fortune is gone, knowing the eternal well-being of the family cannot be achieved as long as it possesses the ill-gotten wealth. From the spiritual point of view, therefore, the son chosen to be a prodigal is really playing a wonderful part, for he is saving his family. He is to be sympathized with for the wrong thoughts directed toward him by people who consider him merely a profligate squandering the family fortune.

Spiritual cords connect people not only with other living individuals, but also with those who have passed on to the spiritual realm. There are also those which connect human beings with good spirits, divine beings, and those which connect them with evil spirits, dark forces. Working through these cords, the good spirits encourage mankind toward right deeds, while evil spirits tempt mankind toward wicked deeds. Thus, all human beings are continually influenced by either good or evil spirits.

Before birth every person is assigned a guardian, who has been purified to a certain degree. In Japan, it is selected from among family members in the spiritual world. This spirit protects the human being in its charge through the spiritual cord. For instance, if an individual is unknowingly approaching danger, his guardian spirit will try to save him by giving him some kind of signal or warning. Suppose a person plans on taking a certain train. He is late for some reason — some obstacle prevents his reaching the station in time to catch it — and he is obliged to take the next one instead. Later, he learns that the train he missed met with a serious accident causing heavy casualties. Such an escape from trouble is due to the activity of the guardian spirit. It can foresee any possible disaster threatening the individual in its charge and it tries to warn him of the danger in advance.

The spiritual cords differ in number according to their positions and the activities of individuals. For instance, the head of a family has more cords than the other members; he has cords not only with all members of his family but with all relatives, servants, friends and acquaintances. The president of a business organization has connecting cords with all his employees. A public figure such as a mayor, senator, governor, prime minister, president of a nation or a king has innumerable cords connecting him with the people who are in his charge or whom he represents. The higher his rank, the larger are the number of spiritual cords he has.

For this reason, any leader should be a person of noble character. If his spiritual body is clouded, his condition reflects upon those who are connected with him and upon the thoughts of the public at large, and so he has a demoralizing influence on everyone.

The head of any government should be a man of wisdom and high spiritual awareness, one of high character, one who will manage the affairs of his office with good will and integrity. If the general trend of thought in a country becomes corrupt and undisciplined, if criminal activities increase, the administrator is responsible to a large degree. Those in charge of education especially should realize what an important influence they exert upon their students and do their best to cleanse their spiritual bodies, set good examples, and be worthy of being educators.

I would like to make a special mention here of those who are engaged in spiritual work. Founders of religious groups or orders, presidents of religious organizations, priests and ministers all have an exceedingly strong influence on members or devotees because they are held in such reverence and are looked up to with so much respect. These individuals should be more conscientious than anyone else. Should they take advantage of their high positions and do something unworthy of their own teachings, their actions not only reflect on all their followers but can even result in the total disintegration of the organization itself. I am sure some of you have seen examples of such situations.

There are not only spiritual cords between human beings but those which connect human beings with divine beings. The difference between the cords of divine beings and of human individuals is that those of divine spirits are exceedingly luminous, while those of most individuals tend to be grayish-white, lacking luster, and the cords of wicked people are blackish. The cords of human beings of especially high character are partly luminous.

Human beings generally wish to have only good people as their friends. This is because they know that they are influenced in right ways by associating with good people and in wrong ways by associating with bad people. This is due to the vibrations which are conveyed through all the connecting spiritual cords.

The primary object of our worship should be the Supreme God. As stated, in the spiritual world there are divine spirits and evil spirits. The spiritual cords which come from divine spirits are luminous. Through worshiping these higher spirits constantly, the spiritual beings of the humans become more and more purified, whereas evil spirits send out negative vibrations, and those people who worship them receive these low vibrations, which make their thoughts bad and cause their lives to become more and more difficult, due to the clouds they create. Everyone should be very careful in his choice of the object of his worship, always remembering that God is the most important of all.

Even among the divine spirits there are higher ones and lower ones, and according to their levels there are differences in the degrees of their light. The higher the rank, the more miracles their followers experience because the spiritual cords are luminous.

This explains the spiritual cords which connect human beings with divine spirits and with evil spirits, and also those between humans. Now let me say that there are spiritual cords between human beings and inanimate objects which also have influence on our lives, such as the houses we live in and the utensils and tools we use daily. Those articles a person treasures highly are especially strongly connected with the owner, and the more dearly he loves them, the bigger grow the connecting spiritual cords, through which the strong vibrations of the owner are conveyed. This is true of our clothes and personal ornaments, too.

I once read in an American magazine of a woman with psychic ability. She could tell from holding an object or article its owner's features, age and even his recent actions. As she gazed at it, she could perceive all these things impressed on it like a photograph. These were the vibrations impressed on the object through the spiritual cords. From this account we can understand how wonderful and subtle the actions of spiritual cords and the vibrations conveyed through them are.

Recently, scientists have begun investigating more and more what they call cosmic rays. According to my understanding, these "cosmic rays" are the spiritual cords connecting the earth and the stars. The fact that the earth is kept in equilibrium in space is due to the spiritual cords of the satellites which are drawing it. So, the earth must have an infinite number of spiritual cords — how many thousands, millions, even billions of them nobody can tell — and all these cords penetrate the crust and reach its core.

Now, let me refer to the relationship of the earth and the heavenly bodies.

These are like counter-mirrors, reflecting each other. There are both bright stars and dark ones. Dark stars are invisible because they have no light. Every year, however, some of them turn into bright ones; thus, bright stars increase in number.

Dark stars turn into bright stars because of the solidifying action of matter, which follows one of the natural laws of this universe — that all matter goes through a process of solidification. When the solidifying process reaches its maximum, matter begins to emit light. It is by the same process that the hardest mineral on earth is the diamond, which is the brightest of all gems.

At the time the earth was created, there were only a few stars visible in the sky. The number of stars gradually increased in proportion to the population on the earth, because heaven and earth are counter-mirrors. For this reason, stars will continue to increase in infinite numbers — as will the population on earth.

When astronomers think they have discovered some new stars, the truth is that they have only found some stars that have been dark but have turned into bright ones and therefore have become visible.

Meteors are caused by disintegration, and a meteorite is a segment created in that process.

There are all kinds of stars of various sizes — such large ones as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, and innumerable smaller ones, all of which influence the human beings on earth. The five big stars above mentioned correspond to the world´s five leading figures of each age. There are expressions in Japanese in which human beings are called stars metaphorically, such as, "A great star has fallen," meaning a leading figure of the world has died, or "Great stars meet," meaning leading figures of the world meet. It is interesting to think of the meanings behind these expressions.

In the West, there was a time when astrology was in great vogue. It was usually practiced by priests, who used it for fortune-telling and also for diagnosing diseases. Chinese divination, too, was based on astrology. There is a spiritual meaning in these practices and therefore it is not without significance that the ancients were interested in the stars.


January 25, 1949



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