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In order to explain World Messianity in the easiest way, I might call it a :"department store" church. I know this does not sound suitable for a religious organization, but I think the term is the most apt for the nature of our work. I will explain why this is so.

As I have always told you, like a large store that includes many kinds of departments our teachings encompass Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, general philosophy, science and fine arts. Of all these, some of the teachings we stress most are those on the meaning of illness and its solution, natural farming, and appreciation of all the arts.

Since our aim is to serve God in the accomplishment of His great Work of saving the world, as the name of our church indicates, we must extend our hands to help everyone and everything that exists on earth. This means that we must point out the errors in every field of human affairs and offer the highest guidelines for correcting them.

It is true that the present civilization has made tremendous progress, but it is also true that it exhibits an amazingly large number of defects. The superficial defects are obvious to everyone, but the deeper, inner shortcomings are more difficult to detect. The only way to make them clear and to correct them is by the Divine Light of God.

It is for this reason that we are working to clarify the actual state of the prosem civilization by applying a spiritual scalpel, as it were, to every field; it is our purpose to help mankind realize that a better world can be made in reality. By doing this, we believe, we can look forward to the full arrival of an age that has a paradise-like civilization.


March 28, 1951



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