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When we try to guide unbelievers to faith in God, we often experience complete rejection. Most such individuals say, "It is absolutely impossible for me to believe that any God or gods or other spiritual beings exist. Let them show themselves if they do." Such people seem to think they are highly cultured individuals and they completely refuse to even consider our words, as if to say they will have nothing to do with such superstition. This is the atitude of many Japanese people.

This is most evident among so-called intellectuals. We cannot blame them for this when we consider the state of religion in Japan. It is natural that they feel this way, for most religions are too unscientific, with those containing no superstitious elements being few and far between. Thus, the existence of God cannot be manifested in many religions. What they teach is very vague, for they cannot prove for certain that there is a God. This being the situation, I think it is quite understandable that so many people are indifferent toward any kind of faith.

World Messianity, however, manifests God's Existence in everyone's eyes. Once a person comes in contact with our church, he is often surprised as he becomes aware God really does exist. The best proof of this is the number of testimonials from our church members. Unfortunately, though some people read or hear such testimonials from our members, they still cannot accept these facts as true. This is because many of them look upon our testimonials through a "distorted" vision, created by the low-level faiths I mentioned above. We cannot blame them for this, although it is very regrettable for some churches, such as ours.

Ours is not a religion in the ordinary sense but is a faith which transcends religion, a great Work of Salvation. Many of our members speak of their initial experiences in coming to our church in this way: "When I first carne in contact with World Messianity literature, since the teachings were so different from those of other religions and from any theories I had read before, they seemed strange and I could hardly believe them. But though skeptical I decided to receive Johrei anyway, in order to give it a trial. I was immediately struck dumb with amazement, because the individual who was to channel simply held his hand out toward my body. I wondered how I could be helped by such an absurd method when medical science, which had made so much progress, could not help me, and I almost decided I would not go back again. But somehow I felt better the next day, felt my body becoming much lighter. So, even though it was so strange I could hardly believe it, I made up my mind to take at his word the member who had channeled to me and continue receiving for a little while longer, and I allowed him to give me Johrei as he wished. Each day I felt better and better, só rapidly that I was more dazed than happy." This is the gist of what many of those who have experienced Johrei have said.

As mentioned above, since there are so many remarkable blessings, unparalleled in other churches, numerous intellectual people on hearing about them are apt to say they are the very reason they think our faith must be nothing but superstition which is a most absurd logic, contrary to reason. This kind of attitude is a great hindrance to the progress of our work. However, there are also quite a number of individuals who accept the reports of blessings as absolute facts, seek our guidance and join our church, and find their lives improving with every new day.

Thus, many miracles are experienced in our church, miracles which have no equal in other churches, and the reality of God is manifested clearly. Even the most stubborn individuals and those who are most deeply infatuated with material civilization will eventually have to accept this truth.


January 9, 1952



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