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For what purpose are we sent into this world? We must first have the answer to this question if we are to find happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life.

The answer is that God created human beings in order that He might establish an ideal world in fulfillmem of His Plan for this Earth, and He gives each individual a mission to perform and causes him to work according to His Will. It is for this purpose alone that God caused man to advance the world from its primitive stage to the present brilliant state of civilization, and also caused man's intelligence to develop to its present level.

Not only man, the highest form of life, but also all other creatures and all things on this Earth are composed of two elements, spirit and body all creatures, all vegetation, all minerais, all material things. When spirit separates itself from matter, matter ceases to manifest in its current form. Here, I am going to limit my explanation to human beings.

When the physical body becomes unable to function due to old age, sickness or loss of blood, the spiritual body leaves it, enters the Spiritual World, and begins a new life there. This is true for every individual of every race and nationality all over the world.

The famous book, The Survival of Man, written by Sir Oliver Lodge soon after World War I, became a best seller at once. This book contained a collection of spiritual Communications, many of which were between Sir Oliver and his son, who served in the European War and was killed on the battlefield in Belgium. At that time, people of different countries vied with each other to secure copies and read them. This caused a sudden wave of enthusiasm for spiritual research, and with it many excellent mediums made their appearance.

The well-known Belgian writer of The Blue Bird, the late Maurice Maeterlinck, is said to have had his outlook on life completely changed after he was awakened to the existence of Spirit and of spiritual beings, and he went into earnest research as a student of mysticism.

I heard that it was soon after this that the book by J. S. M. Ward of England, Gone West, was published and that this helped spiritual research work to become still more popular. Ward's study of the spiritual world was very thorough. Once a week he would sit in a chair and go into a trance for about one hour. At that time, his uncle's spirit would take him to various parts of the spiritual world and show him the true conditions there. His book was a collection of accounts of these experiences. At such times, he wrote, some of his deceased friends and acquaintances also acted as guides and helped to enrich his knowledge of the Spiritual World.

Gone West is still an interesting book, and it offers much information. I recommend it to you, although there is quite a difference between the Spiritual World of the West and that of Japan. Later on, I am going to write in detail with actual examples of these differences.


August 25, 1949



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