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I believe that in the Bible there are three especially important prophecies to be noted. These are: a final judgment, the kingdom of heaven at hand, and the second coming of Christ.

Of the three, the judgment will be directly performed by God when He is ready, and the second coming of Christ will be manifested by Him in His right time; these two need no explanations. But the second prophecy, that concerning the kingdom of heaven, must be fulfilled through the hand of man. This, of course, means that someday somebody will appear, make the plan and actually achieve the goal.

If you can accept the above statement as true, you are no doubt wondering when the right time will be. According to our belief, that time is now and the builder is our group. The materialization has already begun. The prototype of Paradise on Earth is under construction even now, as we have announced several times in our organizational papers.

As I have said, the prophecy made by Jesus will be fulfilled through the work of our organization. I am not trying to boast by stating this, because the Biblical prophecy and its materialization by our church are both part of God's Plan for the establishment of an ideal world, evolved out of His great Love for humanity; He is using some chosen human beings at His Will according to the change of time.

In this sense, the project we are advancing now is that which was prophesied 2,000 years ago by Jesus. We believe we are some of those who have been given the mission of bringing that prophecy into realization.


March 20, 1950



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