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A human being is supposed to do his best for the benefit of human society while he is in this world by fulfilling the mission given to him by God. However, most people perceive only the outward appearance of things and therefore repeatedly commit negative acts without realizing they are doing so. For this reason, they form clouds which accumulate on their spiritual bodies. When they pass over and begin their lives in the Spiritual Realm, the purification of their clouds takes place, in an exact manner.

Here I would like to call your attention to the fact that the spiritual worlds of Japan and of the West are different, the characteristics of the one being more vertical in nature and the other being more horizontal in nature. However, both are governed by the same eternal Laws. It is for this reason that in Japan especially there are many, many divisions of classes in society, while in the West there are fewer class distinctions and more of a sense of equality. Please keep in mind as you read the rest of the book that my research was on the spiritual world of Japan.

As I have frequently mentioned before, there are three subdivisions in the highest division, three in the intermediate, and three in the lowest, which makes a total of nine divisions or planes in the Spiritual World. The average person goes to the intermediate plane, but the most virtuous go straight to heaven and the most wicked go straight to hell.

As we watch the state of a dying person, we can roughly form an idea as to which level that person is entering. One who is going to heaven, or the Land of Bliss, knows the approximate time of his death and shows no pain or agony at the last moment. He invites his relatives to his side and gives each of them his last words. Then he passes away as if going to sleep, as peacefully as on ordinary occasions. Conversely, a person who is doomed to go to hell experiences great agony at the last moment. One who is going to the intermediate section surfers an ordinary degree of pain at death.

We can also tell from the features of a person who has just breathed his last approximately where he is going. One whose spirit is going to heaven has a rosy color, and looks as if he is still alive. One whose spirit is going to hell has a dark, blackish or dark-bluish color, and wears an expression of great agony. A person whose spirit is going to the Intermediate Realm has an ordinary expression, and his face generally has a yellowish color.

When a spirit who is going to the Intermediate Plane reaches the bank of the River of Life, its attire is examined by a woman in charge. If this is white, the spirit moves on. If the attire has some color, the woman has the spirit change to white garments.

As soon as a spirit has crossed the River of Life, the color of its attire is changed. The garments of a spirit who has few clouds remain white, the next fewest become a pale shade of some color. In descending order, these are yellow, red, blue and black, the shade depending on the amount of spiritual clouds. The only exception to these color levels is a spirit whose attire is purple, for that is the color worn by divine beings.

Next, the spirit goes to the Judgment Hall, the Court of Justice. Different from a court in the Physical World, this one is exact and strictly fair, without any favoritism or miscarriage of justice. At this time, the face of the Chief of Judgment (this it the God Kunitokotati-no-Mikoto) looks different to each individual being, according to its spiritual level. To an evil one, His eyes are fiery, His mouth is open to the ears, flames are shooting forth from the tip of His tongue, and He is so fierce-looking the spirit shudders with terror. But to a good individual the Judge's face looks sweet, gentle and dignified, so there is a sense of endliness emanating from Him and a feeling of reverence comes welling up from within the Spiritual Being.

Each spirit is made to stand in front of the great crystalline mirror in which all the actions of the most recent life are reflected, and by which judgment of the weight of wrong deeds is made. Also, a preliminary examination is made according to the records kept in the Hall of Judgment. There are spiritual beings who work as judges in the Spiritual World, just as we have judges here on Earth, with divine beings of purification supervising all. A sentence is given to each spirit according to the Judgment made, sending each either to one of the higher realms or to one of the lower realms. However, even one who has been sentenced to the lowest region is allowed first to enter the Intermediate Plane, to stay there temporarily so it can receive training, so it may have an opportunity for spiritual growth. If it repents and improves, it is transferred to a higher level than the one to which it was originally sentenced.

Spiritual guidance at this time is given by individuals who were priests or ministers of various religions while on Earth and who are appointed to work as guides in the Spiritual Realm. The period of training on the intermediate plane is from only a few days to as much as thirty years. Those who have not reformed themselves by the end of thirty years must go to one of the lowest regions.

When the surviving members of a family give memorial services for a deceased individual with total sincerity, or when they do charitable acts and other good deeds repeatedly, the purification of the deceased is accelerated.

In this sense, while it is of course good to be dutiful to one's parents, faithful to one's mate, and kind and loving to other family members while they are in this world, there is a great significance in continuing to be so after they have passed away. Departed spiritual beings are very happy when memorial services are given for them.


February 5th, 1947



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