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The world in which we live and breathe is a material one, and is what could be called the world of first dimension. Death transfers us to the spiritual realm, or the world of second dimension, whose nature is unknown to the human mind.

Since the spiritual world is invisible and beyond human conception, it is difficult for people to accept its existence merely through listening to or reading a simple explanation. Still, this world does have a definite existence, so it follows that it must be manifesting itself in some way in the material world.

As a matter of fact, it does manifest itself in many forms, both large and small, in all parts of this world and in all aspects of human affairs. Man, however, remains blind and insensitive to the clues. This is because the educational system in our civilization has completely ignored the spiritual aspects of life.

It is also due to the fact that the earth has long been in the Age of Night, where man could only see areas illumined by the light of the moon, so to speak. This has been weak in contrast to the midday sun, which instantaneously reveals all things in their entirety.

Soon the Age of the Moon will be totally changed into the Age of the Sun, the great Daylight Age, and the "unknown world" will become a "known world" to ali. All secrets, all falsities and all mistakes will then be fully exposed in the light.


February 5th, 1947




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