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The problem of juvenile delinquency has recently become a matter of great public concern. However, it seems that as yet no appropriate solution to this problem has been found. All the various ideas we hear today as to preventive measures regrettably stress only minor details, with not one that touches the core of the matter. I am going to write about a method of solving this problem which I believe is the one method that absolutely works.

First of all, we must make clear where the true cause of the problem lies, and for this purpose we must consider the relationship between children and their parents. We can illustrate this most easily by using a tree for comparison. Picture parents as the trunk and children as the branches. Most people would work hard to keep the branches from decaying while neglecting to help the trunk. This is nothing but nonsense, as you can easly see. To become fully aware that parents are the true cause of juvenile delinquency is the basic factor needed to begin solving the problem.

Let me analyze this from the spiritual point of view. As I have repeatedly said, parents and children are connected by spiritual cords. If the spiritual beings of parents are clouded, those of their children also become clouded through these cords. This is the true cause of juvenile delinquency. Since the effective way to prevent it is to keep children's spiritual beings from becoming clouded, it is most essential to first keep parents' spiritual bodies from becoming clouded.

Not being aware of this, many parents often entertain negative thoughts and do wrong things, wittingly or unwittingly. They form clouds through these, which reflect on their offspring. So, it is vitally necessary for parents to think virtuously, to act in the right way, and to do best to elevate their spiritual awareness as much as possible. There is no other effective way to prevent juvenile delinquency.

The above is the spiritual explanation. Now, let me explain from the physical point of view. As everybody knows, it is natural for children to follow their parents' examples; that is, they are apt to imitate their parents. If parents entertain negative thoughts and do bad deeds, however cleverly they may try to hide them from their children they will inevitably become known to the children some day for they live under the same roof. It is then quite natural for young people to say to themselves, "Our parents are doing such things. Why can we not do the same?"

Thus, it boils down to this: Juvenile delinquency is the result of parental delinquency; I believe there is no mistake about that. Si, if children become delinquent, it is the parents' delinquency being exposed.

I would like to tell all those who are parents to give deep thought to is teaching, and if they wish to see their children grow up to be good people they must realize that they themselves first have to be good individuals.


April 22th, 1950



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