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It is a well known fact that all religions (especially Buddhism) have divisions of both Daijo and of Shojo, but it seems to me that the meaning of these has not been thoroughly understood up to now, so I am going to give my viewpoint.

Daijo expresses the pattern of Nature. This includes all the activities of birth and growth of all things in the Universe. So, Daijo includes everything, with no exception. In this sense, the Daijo I am explaining is not Daijo, or Mahayana Buddhism. More correctly, it should be called the Daijo Way, a way which includes religion, philosophy, science, government, education, economy and art. War and peace, good and evil are ded as well.

As we observe the activities of all things in the Universe, we find there is one perfect pattern Nature follows, one right way. A person who has come to realize that things go smoothly by following this perfect pattern - the Way of Nature is worthy of the name of true man. For this reason, if any of us deviate from the Way, we will surely encounter hindrances, and our actions will either be stopped temporarily or completely disrupted. Thus, creation results from acting in accord with the Way, and destruction results from deviating from it. In this manner, the world is repeating the actions of creation and destruction, which are like those of trains or streetcars. They run smoothly when they are on the rails, but once they go off the tracks they come to a stop or even crash.

There is reason for everything; nothing happens accidentally. When something is born or created, there is a reason for it, and when something dies or is destroyed, there is also a reason for that. All things occur of necessity. In this sense, in the field of thought if leftism goes to an extreme, it gives birth to rightism, and vice versa. Things never remain one-sided, but always return to a balance in order to proceed along the "track," just as driving an automobile properly keeps it in the middle of its lane. For this reason, ali isms capitalism, socialism, communism, conservatism, progressivism, activism, passivism are born from necessity and become extinct from necessity.

Religions are no exception; they appear for good reasons. However, people usually look at things from their individual points of view and so they are apt to think all beliefs other than their own are heretical. This is because they tend to have limited viewpoints. As the Japanese saying goes, this is "like looking at the sky through the pith of a reed." When God, Who is working for the furthering of His great Plan for the entire earth, looks upon human beings who are fighting with each other over such trivial matters so constantly they have no time to think of anything else, He must sigh over the pettiness of mankind.

All things on Earth that prove to be unncessary for man are weeded out by the natural law of selection, and those which prove to be necessary survive, no matter what man might do in attempts to destroy them. For instance, suppose a new religion or a new philosophy appears. However superstitious or heretical it may seem to human eyes, if it is something that is necessary for mankind it will grow and expand. But if it is not necessary it will disappear in time according to the law of natural selection. Só, man should simply allow anything like this to take its course.

If a new philosophy offers something that is important and of true value, the more it is oppressed, the more rapidly it will expand. We see the best example of this in Christianity. Think of the success it enjoys today, in spite of the fact that the authorities of the time crucified its founder, Jesus Christ.

I strongly feel that modern people should think about their attitudes and how mistaken they are, should think about their narrow views, their shortsightedness on many things.


October 25th, 1949



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