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You may wonder what I mean when I say there are living religions and dead religions.

A living religion is one which is in close touch with material life and a dead religion is its opposite. Of the numerous religions in existence, those which are perfectly fitted to everyday living are few and far between, though I will not say there are none.

As you all know, scientific thinking has made such great advancement since the eighteenth century it has become a major threat to religion, and it is this advancement that has brought about religion's present state of decline. Science has come to control the mind of man almost totally, so much so that today people in general are not satisfied unless the word "science" or "scientific" is included in any statement of fact.

It would not be harmful if that were all, but this has caused materialistic ways of thinking to grow, and because of this the lowering of moral standards seems to be without end. The social condition of the entire country has become one of utter confusion. Thus, the actual condition of society today is exactly like a state of hell.

Our church has a high respect for history as such, but it is completely free from any attachment to it. We are proceeding with a totally independent policy. As a newborn religion, our church has the blood of youth circulating in its veins.

Some of the projects we are engaged in are not only the work of changing and expanding the art of healing and that of farming, but are also involved with pointing out the ways to correct them in all the other areas of civilization, with the ideology of a new-age civilization as a guideline. Our Prototypes of Paradise on Earth, including an art museum which we are building now, are materializations of our ideal. Our aim is to construct our Sacred Grounds so they will provide places of rest and of cleansing for those individuals who have become exhausted and have accumulated worldly impurities. Our Sacred Grounds will also elevate the characters of visitors and be effective as purifiers in today's society, which is so full of vulgar amusements.

Our plan is to contribute on an individual basis to the betterment of health and financial conditions and to the increase of wholesome thoughts. From a larger viewpoint, our plan is to create a bright and clean world free from all anxieties. I am glad I can say that the true nature of our goal has finally come to be recognized among intelligent people so our church is drawing more favorable public attention. We are working on a small scale now, but when our activities have expanded to a worldwide scale which is bound to happen it will be from Japan that a plan will come for establishing an ideal world full of peace and happiness. I dare to say positively that this is no mere dream. Through these things I am sure you can realize that our church is an excellent example of a living religion.


November 4th, 1953



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