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Today, the pet phrase of the critics toward us is, "It is wrong for this Church to be engaged in healing, in spite of the fact that it is a religion."

When we think deeply about this, we realize that nothing is more illogical. These critics must have a stereotyped idea that religions should offer Salvation on a spiritual level alone; that salvation on a material levei is not properly within the sphere of a religion; that healing of illness is on a physical level and therefore is not something in which religions are supposed to engage. They seem convinced that offering help on the material level is definitely out of bounds, that the fundamental activity of any religion should be to work only in invisible areas. What they conceive spiritual salvation to be is, in a word, submission. As most religions ordinarily do not have the power to help people materially, they try to teach their members to be resigned to negative situations and thus at least decrease their mental sufferings. This is the general concept most people have had about religions up to now.

However, salvation on a spiritual level alone, without any regard for the material side, cannot be a true salvation. We can have real peace of mind only when we believe solutions to problems on the physical level are possible. For instance, when we are hungry we feel easy in our minds if we can trust that somebody is going to bring us food. If we know that nobody is going to bring food, we are tormented by a fear of starvation. We can attain peace of mind about other problems, such as disease or poverty, only when we are aware that anything can be solved through faith in God. In this way, solutions on both the physical and spiritual levels can bring us to a state of true peace of mind.

Thus, the most important part of this "salvation on both the spiritual and material levels", should include elimination of disease. Nothing is more important than this. No matter how many worldly goods are stacked up before your eyes, what large amounts of delicious food are piled on your dining table, or how great a position or honor is given to you, everything is meaningless if you are suffering from ill health.

In this sense, the first condition for saving mankind must be to help everyone achieve true health. This is the reason World Messianity is striving toward the goal of helping all individuais to be free from disease, of creating a society without any kind of illness.


December 24th, 1949



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