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Supreme God is the central point of the Divine Work. Religious knowledge and practice are important to rise the yukon (primordial origin of the Divine particle that exists in every human being), as well as to channel Johrei more intensively and to improve the work of Salvation.


What is true salvation

A living religion

Daijo religion

Juvenile Delinquency

A faith that transcends religion

The unknown world

Judgement in the Spiritual World

Fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Existence of the Spiritual World

A world without illness, poverty, and conflict

A religion which manifests the reality of God

"Department store" church

Admonitions from Ancestral Spirits

Life and death

Spiritual Cord

Man's Three Spirits

Natural and Unnatural Death

A religion that helps to develop fulfilled individuals

Divine Possession after joining Oomoto


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