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At the age of eighteen, I contracted pleurisy. The treatment consisted of opening a hole in my side and draining off about two hundred grams of fluid. Germicides were used in the operation. Later the illness recurred. this time I was given medicines. The combined effects of the medicines and the disinfectants caused a hard accumulation of toxins at a place between my back and armpit that I discovered only recently. I decided to give myself Johrei to get rid of it. At first, it was very hard, but it gradually softened and began to dissolve. Each time it dissolved a little more, I had diarrhea. Though the toxin accumulation caused little pain, I was interested to note how certain the occurrence of diarrhea after Johrei was. This experience proved that toxin accumulations persist for years. I am now sixty-eight, which means that that hard lump of toxins was in my body for fifty years. If I had not known about Johrei , it would have remained with me for the rest of my life. After each bout of diarrhea accompanying the dissolving of toxins, I felt much better, even though I had thought myself quite healthy, unaware of the toxin accumulation. After the toxins finally dissolved completely my condition improved greatly, to my great joy. I feel as though I have added twenty years or thirty years to my life. An even greater benefit is that my mind works so well now that writing is easier for me than ever before.

What I learned from this incident, in short, was that, in people who do not know about Johrei , medicine toxins can persist for life. Furthermore, as I have always said, the sources of diarrhea are almost always either in the head or in the back. Thus there are two types of diarrhea; the kind that occurs when the accumulations of toxins in those areas disperse and collect temporarily in the abdomen; and the kind that is caused by poisoning through food or drink. When brought on by Johka (purification) of the head, diarrhea is accompanied by large fluxes of blood.


June 6, 1951



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