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Theologians and journalists are mistaken when they insist that those religions which stress the cure of illness - or the promotion of good health - are somehow inferior because they concentrate on practical benefits. Illness is a tremendous hindrance to society as well as a cause of great suffering, and a thorough examination of contemporary society shows that sickness is the fundamental cause of all unhappiness and tragedy. It can even be said that there is illness behind every tragedy. The number of happy people increases in proportion to an increase in the number of healthy people. I have been speaking on the individual level, but on the national level, as well, there is nothing as negative as illness, the root of all troubles.

In the achievement of the supreme goal - a world free of illness, poverty, and conflict - solving the problem of illness leads to the solution of the problems of poverty and conflict. It is important to remember that illness means not only physical, but also psychological disorders, one of the most serious issues in the world today.

War provides a good illustration. The people who instigate wars are the exact opposite of the people who try to prevent them. Similarly, the ringleaders in aggression are very different from the people who must be urged to fight. The great villains in these instances are always the people of power who set war in motion, and exposure of their true motives always shows that they are greedy and unsatisfied with the degree of success ordinary people find sufficient. Their extraordinary talents and self-confidence make them impatient and spur them on to outrageous ambition. As the lives of historical heroes make clear, such people invariably end up in failure even though things may go their way for a while.

Furthermore, for the sake of achieving their own ambitious ends, they mercilessly sacrifice the lives of many ordinary people. Even though they are called heroes, such people are in fact able to remain unperturbed in the face of horrifying unhappiness and loss of life they cause, the reason being that they themselves are psychologically flawed. They suffer from a kind of madness; obviously, there is something mentally wrong with a person who is able to persist in selfish, loveless, merciless actions that serve his or her own purposes regardless of the cost to others. Interestingly enough, experience has taught me that a person with a psychological flaw always has some kind of physical flaw as well. The reason why some "heroes" and criminals seem to enjoy extreme good health is that, though they harbor large quantities of toxins, these are in a solidified state.

On the basis of this discussion, it might seem that any religion, science, philosophy, or educational system that eliminated human illness would be acceptable. In fact, however, there is no way to cure sickness completely but through the Divine Light.


November 12, 1952



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