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From various angles, I have explained that the world of day will be a world in which the spiritual precedes the physical. Toxins accumulated as material substances in the human body are the fundamental causes of illness. In the spiritual being, clouds occur in zones corresponding to the areas in the physical body where these toxic accumulations take place.

Elimination of the toxins from the physical being is a temporary measure only; the toxins will regenerate as time passes in accordance with the law that the spiritual precedes the physical. Consequently, the only correct method of achieving the ultimate aim of therapy is to remove the clouds from the spirit. This is the fundamental way to eliminate toxins.

The very word relapse makes it clear that, by concentrating on the physical body and employing no methods other than elimination or hardening of physical toxins, past therapies have had only temporary and never fundamental results. As I have just indicated, medical science has only two ways of dealing with toxins: hardening them or surgically remove them. Folk remedies use electricity or light rays to harden toxins or moxa combustion to cause burns that concentrate and then eliminate suppuration.

The therapy to which we subscribe, however, is based on the removal of clouds from the spirit by means of a kind of spiritual wave composed mainly of the fire element radiating from the hands and fingers of the person administering Johrei. I have tentatively named this wave the "mystic ray." Everyone has it to some degree. Perhaps it would be better to say that this ray boundlessly fills the space all around us - in short, the spiritual world.

Why has no one in the past discovered the use of this spiritual ray to conduct therapy by eliminating clouds? It is because the world was in a night phase, in which the available light was limited to, roughly, that of the moon and it was impossible to obtain enough of the mystic ray to treat illness; that is, to remove clouds from the spirit. This is not to say that the ray was totally non-existent. As it well known, some religious people and faith practitioners have been able to win fame among people of their doctrines, and renown as founders of religious sects because their cures have had some effect. Nevertheless, since it is primarily composed of the water element, the light of the moon has been effective in dealing with only limited numbers of sicknesses and for only limited periods. Since the water element of moonlight is a cooling factor, it hardens toxins.

Since it employs mainly the fire element, Johrei has the great effect in dissolving all kinds of toxins. Thus the following are the two fundamental motivations behind the discovery of my therapeutic method: the knowledge that the world is about to enter a transition from night to day, and the desire to effect great cures by radiating on pathological affected parts of human bodies a powerful ray, thus causing the fire element, the molecules of which increase in the day phase of the world, to pass through the human body in great concentrations.


October 23, 1943



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