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I shall now explain in detail how the Johrei that I originated came into being, and why no one else has so far realized the causes of sickness and the uselessness of almost all existing therapeutic methods.

The universe is composed of some things as limitless as the sky and others so minute that they cannot be seen even under a microscope; all these things, in accordance with their size and composition, come into being, develop, combine and separate, aggregate, disintegrate, and rebuild in a process of eternal development. Just as each of these things has a yin and a yang aspect, so there is the difference between night and day n a single day, and a cold period and a warm period in each year, and so it continues for ten years, one hundred years, one thousand years, or ten thousand of years.

Yet, naturally, once every several thousand of years, there occurs a transition of day to night and night to day. The time for such a transition is coming now. Indeed, today corresponds to the dawning of such a period. The reader may be puzzled by this statement, since he is likely to think of night and day as part of a regular 24-hour cycle. However, it can be explained quite easily.

The world in which we live consists of three stages: the spiritual world, the air world, and the world of phenomena. These can also be grouped into two stages: the water element - air - and the soil element - the globe itself - are physical, whereas the fire element - the spirit - is totally nonphysical. In this case, the last-named corresponds to the spiritual world and the former two to the physical world.

To understand the relation between the spiritual world and the physical world, it is essential to know that all phenomena arise first in the spiritual world and are transmitted to the physical world. In metaphorical terms, the spiritual world is the motion-picture film, while the actual world is what appears projected on the screen. This is a strict law of the universe. In the case of the human being, the invisible mind moves first, then the arms and legs should move as its command. It is impossible that the arms and legs should move first and then the mind. The spiritual world corresponds to the mind, and the physical world to the arms and legs.

The night and day cycles which occur once in thousands or tens of thousands of years are occurrences in the spiritual world. For a long time, the world has been in a state of night, but it is about to be transformed into a world of day. The ancient Japanese history known as the Kojiki prophesies this in the story of the sun goddess Amaterasu Omikami, who concealed herself in a cave, thus plunging the world into darkness, but later emerged to bring daylight again. In my opinion, the idea of the Light from the East, long popular in the West, is nothing other than this prophecy.


October 23, 1943



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