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The general educational level today makes explanation of this principle most difficult. There is nothing to be done about this, however, as long as education remains structured on materialism.

In fact, however, the written records and traditions handed down by word of mouth of founders of virtually all religions include mention of miracles. This is especially the case in the great religions, because in those days performing miracles and producing beneficial results were sufficient to convince the masses, who had no desire to be told the principles of the miraculous things they beheld. It is obvious even now how many more people Jesus Christ would have saved in his lifetime and the great extent to which he would have been able to expand the limits of his teachings it had not been for his crucifixion. The brevity of Christ's life was caused by the great power of Satan at that time. Satan's power was superior because, where the spiritual realm was concerned, the time was premature. Spiritual intuition tells me, however, that the time is at last ripe for the great transition in the spiritual world and that Satan's power is weakening day by day.

Divine revelations have made clear to me all the things that have puzzled the world in the past. Through this knowledge, I am striving to define clearly the true and false, elucidate the basic roots of good and bad, rectify all errors, and stimulate lively development of a spiritual culture to contrast with the materialistic culture that has progressed so haltingly in the past. In other words, by stimulating the simultaneous development of the spiritual and material cultures, I am to create an ideal world, or paradise on earth. I shall explain some of the principles which enable members to get good results through startling miracles. As I have said, unlike uncivilized people or people living in a time of low cultural development, modern humanity is not inspired to faith by miracles alone. People today are unconvinced unless miracles have theoretical corroboration. Many older religions have gone into decline because they merely rejected materialistic culture and failed to bring actual benefit in this life to the people of the time.

I shall now explain the Johrei method by means of which our members work miracles. Raising the hand and directing the palm toward a sick person immediately lightens difficult and serious illnesses. In a short time, intolerable pain is relieved or eliminated altogether. This can only be called miraculous.

Over hundreds and thousands of years, outstanding scholars of many lands have studied and practiced to perfect modern medical science, and their meticulous and elaborate therapeutic methods deserve praise. For an ordinary person to successfully apply the Johrei method to cure sickness that have proved recalcitrant to therapy at the hands of medical authorities who have trained for decades at great expense, must be described as the wonder of the century. This is precisely what is meant by "the truth that transcends truth." It is understandable, since this is something without precedent in all history, that people who have done no more than hear such stories cannot accept what they hear, and that they regard the bearers of the tales as either superstitious or demented.

If we were less than absolutely certain of what we can do, we would never have made such an ambitious and sweeping statement of purpose: "A world absolutely free of illness, poverty , and conflict." If we lacked the power to carry out this program we would be guilt of the unforgivable evil of deceiving the world.

Miracles are not miraculous for us. They are phenomena that occur as the result of a particular process, and are capable of scientific corroboration.


Nothing is purely material; everything has a spiritual body that is invisible to the eye. Human beings are composed of a physical body and a spiritual body, which in very general terms correspond to the essences of the moon and earth and the essence of the sun, respectively. In simple terms, the spirit is fire, yang , male, exterior, vertical and diurnal. The body in contrast is water, yin, female, interior, horizontal, and nocturnal. Concentrating solely on the body, science has made the fundamental error of not recognizing the existence of the spirit. If they were body without spirit human beings would be matter only, as inanimate as trees and stones, devoid of both life and spiritual activity. Failure to understand this simple fact has been behind all the errors science has committed in the past. Scientists assume that space is occupied by nothing but air. Unfortunately science has not yet developed to the stage where it can discover the many invisible elements other than air that fill space.

Fortunately, however, I have been able to discover those invisible elements. I call this approach "spiritual science." The discovery has led to the pioneering of an age in which humanity's greatest suffering, illness, will be totally eliminated.

What, then, are the basic causes of sickness? The human being is composed of spirit and body. The two are inseparably joined, and the spirit enables the body to live and move. The spirit assumes a shape like that of the body. At its center of this three-in-one entity manifests themselves in the form of will and thought. Since it controls the body in the form of will and thought, the spiritual precedes the physical. In simple terms, when a human being moves his arms and legs, the limbs are motivated, not by themselves, but on the command of the will. The same is true of the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and all other parts of the body.

To explain sickness in connection with this principle in a way that is readily understood, I shall take boils as an example. Almost everyone has experienced them. Generally, they begin as small eruptions, increase in size, become red, inflamed, and are painful or itchy at their head. They are a manifestation of the natural physiology of the body as it attempts to expel toxins. The body is naturally able to generate fever to liquefy toxins that have accumulated and localized, and then to discharge them in fluid form. To create an exit passage for the toxins, the skin becomes thinner and softer than usual. The redness of a boil is the toxic blood visible through skin that has become transparent. A short while later, a small hole opens, and liquefied toxins in the form of pus are expelled from the body. This is the end of the purification process.

This is the physical explanation. In the spirit, a kind of cloud corresponding to the boil develops. The graver the sickness, the denser the clouds. The clouds accumulate and localize in one part of the spirit. This is the ordinary purification process leading to the elimination of toxins from the entire spiritual body that have accumulated in one place. The purification, which is inseparably connected with the physical being, is what is called sickness.

Not only the human body, but everything else in the universe is subject to the previously mentioned law that the spiritual precedes the physical. The purpose of Johrei is to eliminate clouds in the spirit. By means of Johrei , the clouds are rendered completely ineffective, their life is converted to death. "Dead" clouds are impotent and cannot irritate the nerves. Consequently, pain no longer exists.


The Johrei method I use at present is to write the character for the word hikari (light) on pieces of paper, which exert their effect when worn on the person as focal points. When someone wearing a focal point administers Johrei, strong waves of light radiate from the ink with which the character is written, travel along the person's arm, and then radiate outward from the palm of his or her hand. The written characters for hikari give off light rays which are transmitted instantaneously to each one of them through "spiritual cords" from my body, just as radio waves are broadcast. To say that light waves are emitted from my spiritual body raises the question of what kind of mechanism there is in my spiritual being that can do this. The answer is simple: in my abdomen is a ball of light with an ordinary diameter of about 6 centimeters . There are people who have seen it. This ball of pure light emits limitless light rays. The source of this light is the cintamani gem of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, which, located in the spiritual world, directs its boundless light to me. This is called the divine power, the imponderable power, and the power of wondrous knowledge. The cintamani gem, or the jewel of satisfaction, held by the bodhisattva called Cintamani-cakra-avalokiteshvara is the same as this one.


Concerning the background of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (or Kannon in Japanese), from ancient times this particular Buddhist deity was believed to have a unique, mysterious power. With God's permission I will some day reveal all of the mystery of this bodhisattva, but at present, the time is not ripe. I shall therefore set forth only as much as is necessary to Johrei.

Of course, Avalokiteshvara has been active in Japan since the arrival of Buddhism, but until now that activity has been limited to salvation of the spirit. Avalokiteshvara conferred practical blessings when people prayed for them, but they were only of the most minor kind because, though the basic element of light was a close union of the elements of fire and water, the element of soil was missing. Because it included only two elements, the light lacked full power in the conferring of benefits. But the time for the great transformation in the spiritual world has arrived - what the Bible calls the end of the world and the Last Judgment. For this reason the mightiest and most absolute power of salvation has become necessary. This power must include all three elements - fire, water, and soil - the last-named being the element of matter which corresponds to the human body. The three-element composition is completed when soil is added by the passage of light through the body. The power of this three-in-one is the power of Avalokiteshvara. In simple terms, the light element emitted by the cintamani jewel of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara passes through my body, thus becoming manifestation on the bodhisattva's mystic power, which passes from me and through followers in our faith, becoming in turn the power of purification.

I shall now use an example to explain this principle. In the past, people prayed for blessings to pictures or statures of Avalokiteshvara. But the Johrei performed by believers in our faith is capable of bestowing many times more blessings because the light waves emitted by statues and paintings consist of only two elements and lack the vital power of the physical body.

The great transformation in the spiritual world, of which I am constantly speaking, is another reason. Before the middle of June 1931, the water element predominated in the spiritual world; the amount of the fire element was small. Since that time, however, the amount of the fire element has been gradually increasing. The transition actually started decades earlier, but at the time the element of fire was extremely rare. To explain the strength of the light, I might say that the light is strong when the fire element is abundant, just as an electric lamp of high candle power gives off strong heat.

As another example, I am often told that I am much hotter than ordinary people because of the mass of the fire element in my abdomen. Each evening some of the people who serve me rub my shoulders and then always comment on the great heat they feel in my body. Even in winter, it is such that they often have to remove one or two outer garments. Everyone says that a room becomes warm by my being in it for a short time. I laughingly call myself a "substitute stove." In winter, after a bath, I am comfortable for an hour or two in nothing but a terry-cloth robe. I greatly prefer bath water that is not too hot. The principle involved is like the one that increases heat when water is poured into a fire or that makes clear winter days colder than cloudy ones.


May 30, 1949



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