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There are three major kinds of beauty: artificial, natural, and emotional. Artificial beauty is the result of using powders and rouges, but natural beauty is the result of good health and good circulation; it is the beauty of vitality and vigor. Emotional beauty springs from the heart and inspires respect and affection in others.

Today women plaster themselves with powder, rouge, and lipstick to make themselves look lovely because they have forgotten everything but artificial beauty. Yet there is a way to be lovely from one's innermost core without resorting to ridiculously costly cosmetics.

This is true beauty, which comes from good health and purifying the blood. Women's skin becomes lusterless, wrinkled, pallid and puffy from the use of too many medicines. To hide these effects, women today make excessive use of cosmetics.

True loveliness is impossible without inner beauty, which comes from faith. We see this in people receiving Johrei, who grow so much more beautiful as time passes that it is almost impossible to recognize them.


September 3, 1949



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