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It´s probably impossible for the ordinary person living as a member of society to avoid catching cold. Becoming chilled is generally regarded as the cause of colds, and it is difficult to avoid the condition that presents itself many times everyday when one may get chilled: undressing before going to bed, dressing upon waking, bathing, and going out into the cold wind and rain. Consequently, I teach that people should not worry about this too much.

Sometimes, feeling cold is followed by actually catching a cold and sometimes it is not. When it is, it is because the person had a slight fever; when it is not, it is because there was no fever. In other words, the person had already caught cold, and the slight fever was the first sign of the illness; the cold would have come no matter whether his body was chilled or not. Particularly if he has a slight fever, he will shiver from cold no matter where he is and no matter how heavily he is dressed.

It is important to realize, however, that when the weather changes or when a person is exposed to cold, there is no way to prevent the natural process of purification that takes place in response to those conditions. It is therefore futile to try to avoid catching colds, which are inevitable. Indeed, the attempt can have adverse psychological effects. I am convinced there is no one who can avoid a cold by being careful.

Medical science still cannot pinpoint the cause of the common cold. Nevertheless, I will attempt a rough explanation in the light of my own views. First of all, the basic cause of health or sickness in human beings is the purity or impurity of their blood. A healthy person has pure blood, whereas the blood of an unhealthy person is clouded. Fortunately, a purification process is constantly taking place in the body of a person with clouded blood, and the elements (toxins) responsible for the clouding collect in one place and harden. This is, as I have already explained, the first purification process. The second purification process that is, elimination of the hardened toxins follows. This process is what is called the common cold. Fever dissolves and liquefies the hardened toxins, which, after first accumulating in the lungs as sputum, are expelled by the pumping action involved in coughing. In other words, the common cold is the simplest form of purification. As a result cloudy blood becomes pure, and health is improved. Consequently, the cold is a great blessing bestowed on humanity by God and a natural physiological process.


November 23, 1943



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