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All occurrences in the physical world are projections of occurrences in the spiritual world. Everything becomes clear if it is realized that a great transition has recently been taking place in the Spiritual World.

From God's point of view essentially all things in the Universe are created and destroyed as a result of the action of both the spiritual and the actual worlds in an unending process of development in the material world that ranges from the limitless universe to the most minute particles. It is these unending changes that give rise to unceasing cultural progress and development. Calm and quiet reflection on this cannot but inspire one with a sense of the universal will, of the purpose of God. In all things, there are distinctions between yin and yang, dark and light, night and day. These variations, as well as those of the seasons of the year and of the growth and decline observable in all things, relate to human life as much as to all other phenomena. The distinctions observable among all things, of all sizes, are to be seen in time too. For instance, just as a twenty-four hour span is divided into day and night, so each year, decade, century, millennium, has a day and a night. These larger days and nights, however, are phenomena of the spiritual world. To the actual world only the day-and-night division of a twenty-four hour span is observable.

The time for the change from night to day that must happen in the spiritual world every so many thousands or tens of thousands of years has now arrived. Unless one understands this important fact, it is impossible to grasp the principles of Johrei. At the same time, knowledge of this truth makes it possible to see the future of the world and inspires serenity of mind. Next, then, I shall explain how this change in the spiritual world from night to day a change that takes place only once in thousands of years affects the physical world.

Hitherto, the spiritual world has been experiencing a night that, like night in the actual world, is a dark broken only by periods of moonlight. Of course, when the element of water is abundant and the moon is concealed, only the stars shine. When the stars are clouded over, the darkness is complete. The effects of this state are clear in the physical world, which is simply a reflection of the spiritual world. The alternating periods of order and disorder, war and peace, in the nations of the world in the past have been very much like the waxing and waning of the moon. Now the time has come where dark must give way to light; we are entering a period that can be likened to dawn.

As an outcome of this transition in the spiritual world, humanity will experience an immense, awe-inspiring, and joyful transformation of a kind never known before. Harbingers of this transition have already appeared on the scene.

Like day in the actual world, the new day of which I am speaking will begin with the appearance of the sun's orb in the east. Now, in the Far East in Japan, the land of the rising sun a great revolution is taking place. The destruction of the existing culture of night is starting in this country. This is the reason for the total destruction of our major cultural cities, the reduction of our industry and economy to dire straits, and the general abolition of the privileged and ruling classes. Signs of the construction of a new culture the culture of day have already appeared. Following complete disarmament, democracy is coming into being in Japan. Both phenomena are unprecedented in the 2,600 years that have passed since the founding of the Japanese nation. More than unprecedented, they were also unforeseeable. They are a first step in the establishment of world peace.

In contrast to the world of night, characterized by war, hunger, and suffering, the world of day will be a time brilliant with peace, abundance, and good health. The Japan of the present shows we are at the turning point.

The sun that is now rising in the eastern heavens will eventually reach its zenith. What will that mean? Obviously it will mean the overall destruction of the culture of night. What is more, it will signify the birth of the culture of day. Since Japan can already show a little of that culture, this much is easy to prophesy. The fate of the world is bearing down heavily on us at the present. No one will be able to escape from this framework; the only course open to us is to find a way to minimize the suffering we must face. Such a way is at hand in an understanding of our principles of Johrei and in participation in the development of the culture of day.

The Bible says, "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." I believe this to signify that my writings must fulfill this mission. In explaining the principles of Johrei I have gone so far as to explain the fate of the world because this is very important. Discovery of the principles of Johrei and discovery of the fallacy of medical science both depend basically on the one point of converting night into day.

The cause of sickness is clouds in the spiritual body. Eliminating those clouds is the sole condition for the cure of sickness. Why then was this not known before the discovery of Johref? The reason is that there are two ways to treat sickness. One is to bring about a return to the state before purification of toxins started; that is, rehardening the toxins. The other is to liquefy the toxins and eliminate them. As the reader will understand well by now, established medical science employs the first method, whereas Johrei employs the second.

One of the principles of Johrei is that the human body radiates an invisible, mystical light that is a spiritual essence peculiar to the human body and that consists basically of the element of fire. Channeling of Johrei demands large amounts of the element of fire, which will gradually increase in quantity in the spiritual world as the latter moves into the period of day, since the sun is the basic source of fire-element radiation. Aside from its value in healing, an increased quantity of the element of fire is equally important because it will stimulate the purification process in the human body. Change in the spiritual world will directly influence the spiritual body. Increasing the amount of the fire element will play, as it were, a supplementary role in encouraging purification of the clouds in the spiritual body. Sickness will therefore occur more easily, and established medical therapy, which depends on hardening the toxins, will lose some and finally, all of its efficacy. For instance, whereas in the age of darkness it took several years before the toxins, once hardened, became active again, in the age of light this period will gradually shorten to a year, then half a year, and so on until in the end hardening of the toxins actually becomes impossible.

We are gradually moving into the world of day. In the world of night, the toxin hardening, and not the toxin-liquefying method of treating sickness has prevailed because the element of fire needed for toxin-liquefaction has been available in insufficient amounts. This has made it seem necessary to settle for the toxin-hardening method as the best substitute. But this was a grave mistake that has been the cause of shortened life spans, illness, hunger, war, and other sufferings.


February 5, 1947



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