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The greatest mistake of modern medicine is ignoring completely the natural powers with which human beings are innately endowed. We often hear of people who, when taken sick, go immediately to the doctor. After examining them, the doctor says, "It's a good thing you came to me without delay. If you had waited longer, it would have been too late." Doctors say such things because they believe illness or allowing an illness to go unattended, means that the patients condition is certain to worsen. Medicine dislikes the idea of not dealing with a situation in time, and immediately prescribes medicines or other therapy to halt the sickness as soon as possible. However, it is important to realize that this eagerness to stop the progress of a sickness is a serious mistake. Sickness is the process whereby toxins are eliminated. If it is allowed to run its course, the disease is certain to be cured once the toxins have been removed. It is to rid the body of toxins that such sufferings as fever, coughing, phlegm, runny nose, sweating, diarrhea, pain, and itching exist. All that is necessary is to put up with the condition for a while. When the impurities have been eliminated, the interior of the body will be clean.

There is no sense in trying to deal with sickness in accordance with a timetable. Doctors, however, ignorant of this principle, take the opposite stand and strongly caution against allowing an illness to run its course. They try to block the passage of impurities the body is trying to push out, and in this way cause the toxins to harden. Obviously, this is no way to bring about a fundamental cure.

Another serious blind spot of medicine is the dread of the suppuration that usually occurs when the human body suffers a wound or burn. Because of this fear, doctors make the great mistake of taking various steps to prevent infection. The shock of a wound or a burn causes toxins to collectin theinjuredarea; everyone has a considerable amount of toxins, which the body tries to expel whenever an opportunity presents itself. Since they collect around wounds, the larger the infected area the greater the amount of toxins that will be removed from the body. This, of course, is a very good thing.

The process whereby the human body is constantly cleansing itself and eliminating impurities is called natural self-therapy. Each human being is endowed with such power, and to respect it and give it every opportunity to manifest itself is the only true way to true medical science. In practice, however, as is amply borne out by the facts, doctors accept and even encourage things that hinder the operation of this natural power.

Simply to realize humanity's heaven-bestowed, natural self-healing powers more wonderful than anything medical science is capable of is a source of immense happiness. Johrei further reinforces and stimulates these natural powers and is therefore the most progressive and rational of all therapeutic sytems.


July 25, 1951



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