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Athletes, who have splendid bodies and great physical strength, are generally considered likely to die fairly young. Why this should happen is a riddle to medical science, but the following are the reasons. Although there are many kinds of sports, a person usually specializes in only one kind. Consequently the athlete repeats the same movements over and over through long hours of training, so that toxins gather and harden at his power points. As time passes, the purification process starts. But since toxins are more persistent in athletes than in ordinary people, purification and cure are more difficult for them.

My own experience has shown that hard protuberances of accumulated toxins form on one shoulder or the other of swimmers, and that the purification process associated with them produces symptoms similar to those of tuberculosis. In evalulating the condition of such swimmers, doctors frequently diagnose tuberculosis, and this accounts for the large number of persons in this field apparently suffering from this disease.

Similarly, golfers tend to be afflicted with kidney trouble, because tensing the waist and hip region causes toxins to accumulate and harden around the kidney area, and it is a well known fact that marathon runners frequently suffer from enlargement of the heart.

For the sake of their health, athletes ought to engage in two or more sports.

Musicians should also be careful, since their work calls for repetition of the same movements, which could lead to sickness. For example, people who are fond of piano playing have accumulations of toxins in their chest regions since their power points are in both arms. Violinists are subject to the same kind of problem in their shoulders, and cellists in their left shoulder and hip region. These conditions deserve serious thought, and musicians should compensate by performing movements other than the ones involved in their work.


February 5, 1947




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