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All human beings have both innate toxins, inherited from their parents, and acquired medicine toxins, which enter the body after birth. Most people find this statement surprising. From ancient times the belief was accepted, and served as the central idea underlying medical practice, that medicine was something that cured disease and improved health, and that, given the right medicine, the problem of sickness could be solved. People have thus assumed that the discovery of good medicines would solve the problem of sickness. Everyone knows the importance the people of the United States attach to medicines, and the extreme efforts they devote to discovering new ones. If medicines produced cures, the number of illnesses should in theory gradually decrease. Instead, in apparent defiance of all reason, they are steadily on the increase. There is no such thing on earth as a truly curative medicine. All medicines are poisons, each with its own effect. The operation of the poison called medicine appears to cure because it decreases pathological symptoms.

Why do I say that medicines are poisons? When the Creator made human beings He simultaneously provided all the foods they require. The things that are fit for human consumption are clearly distinguished from those that are not. Things that we should eat have pleasing flavors, and we have been endowed with a sense of taste. The scrupulous care the Creator has taken with these arrangements is revealed in the way people can derive all the nourishment they need simply by eating the things they like. We do not eat consciously to live, but live because we eat. The mystery of procreation is similar, in that men and women do not only engage in sexual intercourse specifically to have children. Children are granted to human beings as the incidental result of acts performed for other purposes.

The interior functions of the human body are incapable of dealing with foreign materials other than the ones created to serve as foods. These other materials are the medicine toxins, which tend to accumulate and, as time passes, harden in various parts of the body. The resultant hard areas are found only in regions where the nerves operate, such as the upper body, especially the neck and above. This is the region dominated by the brain, and includes the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. These are the places where toxins tend to accumulate, hardening in the vicinity of the neck and causing the stiffness in the neck and shoulder region that everyone experiences. When a certain degree of intensity has been reached, the natural elimination, or purification, process sets in. Fever dissolves the toxins, which, in fluid form, are passed out of the body in coughing, sputum, nasal discharges, sweat, bowel movements, and urine or the symptoms of what is called the common cold.

The cold is a process for ridding the body of toxins. If the patient endures the discomfort and allows things to run their natural course, eventually the interior of the body will be cleansed, and a cure will be effected. This is a marvelous thing. The simple physiological process known as the cold is actually evidence of God' s providence for which we ought to be grateful, even though people incorrectly interpret the suffering caused by purification. It is surely evident how mistaken medicine is in devising ways of putting an end to the process.

The more vigorous and lively the human being, the more readily the purification process occurs. Attempting to halt the process can only reduce the vigor of the body. Nevertheless, people still resort to the poison called medicine. From ancient times, people have prepared liquid medicines, pills, unguents and injections by brewing, powdering, and extracting elements found in grasses, roots, barks, minerals and animal organs for use in halting the purification process. Since such poisons are strong enough to be fatal, they are administered in small, diluted doses. Amounts are laid down to be taken several times daily. A medicine that works well is one in which the toxin has been strengthened as much as possible without reaching a level that can cause addiction.

The use of medicine toxins hardens those other toxins that, having been dissolved, are in solution and in the process of being eliminated. The current fuss about preventative hygiene and fear of the common cold indicate how poisoned modern man has become and how easy it is for him to fall sick. Furthermore, the happiness people feel over a life- expectation of sixty-odd years is gravely mistaken. If it were not for sickness, human beings could easily live to over a hundred. Death at less than that age is unnatural and caused by sickness; if illness were eliminated and natural death prevailed, we would all live longer.

As the discussion so far should have shown, medical therapy does not cure illness but simply alleviates pain temporarily. All the methods it employs to achieve that end total rest, wet dressings, applications, ice packs, electrical therapy, radiation treatments, and so on only harden the toxins. Moxa cautery and heat treatments are exceptions. These use heat stimulation to guide the toxins to certain locations and bring relief from pain, but that is all; when the situation returns to what it was before, nothing lasting has been achieved.

Therapy methods used until now have hardened toxins. The only way to bring about a true cure is to dissolve toxins and remove them from the body.


January 1st, 1953



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