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I shall now go on to explain the grave danger of medicine toxins, in general, aside from what I call the "hereditary toxins."

In all ages and all places, it has been considered sensible to take medicine when ill, just as it is to eat when hungry. The idea that medicines cure is deeply ingrained. Yet I have realized that medicines are fearsome poisons that totally lack power to cure sickness. Indeed, they cause illness in the sense that they are its source.* Some people may find this difficult to understand, but it is true. I once read in a book the following words of a noted Chinese-style doctor: "Fundamentally there are no medicines; they are all poisons. Taking medicine for an illness is the same thing as attempting to control one poison by means of another." This is a very wise thing to say and reminiscent of the old proverb about "Making medicines out of poisonous herbs."

When pain is intolerable, relief can of course be had by means of, say, morphine injections. Yet as medical scientists know full well, the relief is brought about only by a temporary paralysis of the nerves caused by the poison called morphine.

I have explained earlier that sickness arises as a result of the process of purification, which is always accompanied by the suffering referred to as illness. Obviously, everyone dislikes suffering and wants to escape from it quickly.

There are two ways to eliminate suffering. One way to get rid of it completely is by totally expelling from the body those toxins that must be removed. The other is a temporary escape and a return to the condition predating the occurrence of suffering; this means, merely, halting the purification process and returning to the condition existing before its initiation. Since the complete elimination of toxins is a natural process, it takes time. It is the desire to be free of suffering quickly that has stimulated the development of all the medicai and other therapeutic methods invented in the past. Moreover, medical science has never yet understood the principle of toxin elimination and purification as the true nature of illness.

*Though medicines are capable of extending life temporarily and of creating a condition of false good health, they cannot bring about a fundamental cure. Essential good health is a conditionin which human beings can live without medicine. For this reason, itis important to avoid taking medicines as much as possible, though sometimes respect for human life makes their application necessary.






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