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Almost all humankind or at least almost alli members of the "civilized" peoples are ill. Some are not visibly sick while some are manifestly so. In other words, the people actually suffering are clearly ill, and the apparently healthy suffer from latent illness. Here I shall deal only with the condition of the latently ill, since there is no need to explain the condition of the manifestly sick

The latently ill harbor toxins, but purification to break down their solidified state has not yet started. A truly healthy person is one who is absolutely free of toxins and in whom no purification process takes place. In comparison with this, the latently ill person harbors accumulated toxins yet apparently stays in good condition, carries out his daily duties, even hard labor, and looks totally healthy. Furthermore, since it is difficult to discover such toxins, modern medical examination pronounces such people healthy. I call this condition"false health," and cannot help shuddering to think how many people today go merrily on their way in spite of the explosive load of illness they bear. The old-fashioned saying that human beings are "vessels for illness"refers to this state of "false health."



February 5, 1947




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