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A large number of people who are born thin yet want to put on weight try all kinds of methods to no avail. Practically everyone has at some time seen a woman with lovely facial features who was too thin to allow her innate good looks to show to best effect, and has thought regretfully how beautiful she would be if only she were a little plumper. Sometimes physical debility makes children peevish, and frail. It is common for parents wanting to strengthen their offspring to feed them milk, cod-liver oil, and other nutritious foods and to lament later that all their efforts have produced no weight gain.

There is a way by which people like this can fatten up and improve their facial color. On the shoulders of people who cannot gain weight there is invariably a hard, rocklike place that is slightly feverish.* Because it exhausts cells, this fever sharply reduces the appetite; but if Johrei is used on it, the hard spot will gradually soften. As this happens, the appetite will increase, and the person will put on weight Not only does Johrei make people healthy, it makes them beautiful too. If this method were known widely throughout the world, we would all be able to rejoice at the increased number of lovely people. Parents too would be made happy by the improved health of their children.


January 10th, 1951


*The person administering Johrei does not touch the afflicted person's shoulders. Instead, the person receiving Johrei ascertains the hardness or softness of his or her own shoulders.




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