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Though only some people are aware of it, probably no one today is without what is called low-grade fever. Because of the surprisingly great influence it has on the human body, I shall now discuss this kind of fever.

A persistent slight fever causes headaches, heaviness in the head, lack of psychological concentration, distraction, diminished memory, loss of perseverance, laziness in everything, sluggishness of the whole body, and a desire to lie around and doing nothing. It reduces the appetite and makes people finicky about what they eat. When afflicted with it, people show a preference for liquids and foods with high liquid content They may be irritable, shut off from the world, jaded, and pessimistic. They become hysterical, are negative in outlook, and prefer rainy to fair weather. They catch cold easily and are prone to stuffy nose, ringing in the ears, and tonsillitis. They become short of breath and suffer heaviness in the legs from walking fast or climbing slopes. As this brief summary of its effects clearly shows, a low-grade fever is not something to take lightly.

Because of these symptoms, such people do not mix well with their friends or get along smoothly with other people. Their marital and other relationships are poor because such people insist on acting precisely as they wish and always have some kind of justification for their own selfish behavior; "liberalism" is one of their favorite excuses. Because such people are dissatisfied with life at home, horrible things often happen in their lives. The currently increasing numbers of young people who run away from home may well be influenced by this kind of domestic situation. In the worst cases, entire families have been known to commit suicide together.

On a social level, large numbers of people concerned with nothing but pursuing and justifying their own selfish ends disrupt harmony, debate unimportant matters, and resort to conflict to solve issues that could be solved amicably. Egotism of this kind is apparently common in the world of politics.

Whenever something is being debated in a group, there is so much bustle and commotion that it takes a long time to come to an agreement; the reason is not so much that people are unaware of the cause as that they are indifferent to it.

But there is still more to the matter. As society becomes disturbed in the ways I have described above, people experience more unpleasant than pleasant things, and seek diversion by turning to alcohol; this is why the sale of alcoholic beverages, no matter how much they cost, continues unabated. Next, such people seek still stronger stimuli in the hope of escaping from their suffering. Young people seek unwholesome amusements. Older people with the money to pay for such things keep mistresses or seek consolation in the red-light districts. For this reason, the world today is filled with such unhealthy amusements.

Clearly, then, nothing is so fearsome as a low-grade fever, which is the fundamental cause of trouble in all these aspects of life. The presence in the body of medicine toxins is the cause of the slight fever, which is a sign of the slow purification process taking place in the body to eliminate these hardened toxins. Since Johrei is the only way to work a cure, an increase in the number of people who do Johrei will eliminate the deplorable situation I have described above. When this happens, society will be a pleasant, happy place in which to live; and we will have an ideal world.


September 5th, 1951



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