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All illnesses are caused by the three toxins: accumulated toxin ( nendoku ), urinary toxin ( nyodoku ), and medicine toxin ( yakudoku ). Accumulated toxin could also be called hereditary medicine toxin since it is transmitted from generation to generation and is ultimately transformed into an independent kind of toxin. Urinary toxin results from excess urine caused by malfunction of the kidneys. I have already explained what medicine toxin is, and will confine myself here to explaining the ways in which it manifests itself. It mainly produces such unpleasant conditions as fever, pain, itching, diarrhea, nausea, paralysis, and so on. The fever is more noticeable in people who take medicines in large amounts. For the same reason, it can be said that people who normally use no medicines rarely suffer from fever. Again, the pain caused by Western-style medicines is often sharp, whereas pain from Chinese-style medicines is duller.


February 5th, 1947



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