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Among the internal organs, the function of the heart, lungs, and stomach has the greatest importance to human life. I shall now explain how they act in terms of the three fundamental elements of fire, water, and soil.

The heart absorbs the fire element, the lungs the water element, and the stomach the soil element; the heart corresponds to fire, the lungs to water, and the stomach to soil. But the way in which medical science has explained this matter has been totally inadequate. Science has pointed out the way in which oxygen taken into the lungs purifies the blood, but this alone fails to reach the heart of the matter. I shall now explain the situation according to the medicine that has been divinely revealed to me, but I must first begin with an explanation of the true nature of the spiritual world. It is impossible to understand this true nature without realizing that, though it is imperceptible to the five human senses, the spiritual world is actually the fundamental source of all things.

The principle that water causes fire to burn and that fire causes water to flow is the key to the solution of all things. A prerequisite to an understanding of the invisible spiritual realm is an explanation of the realm of air. Oxygen, familiar through modern science, is the spirit of fire; hydrdogen is the spirit of water; and nitrogen is the spirit of soil. These three maintain their individual identities but when they are unified they form the essence from which all things rise. The ineffably mystical action of these three elements results in a situation in which extremely hot, extremely cold, and temperate climates are each suited to the needs of the creatures living there. Hypothetically, if all the water element were removed, the world would explode at once. If all the fire element were removed, everything would instantaneously freeze. If all the soil element were eliminated, everything would crumble to nothing. This principie should make clear the basic significance of the function of the heart, lungs, and stomach. In other words, the heart absorbs the fire element from the spiritual world; its operation is the pulse. In a similar way, the lungs absorb the water element; their operation is respiration. The stomach absorbs the soil element from the physical world; its operation is intake of nutrients.

The liquefaction of the hardened toxins that cause all illnesses demands heat. This is the first step in the purification process. Interpreted as a pathological symptom, this heat, which is necessary in large quantities, is fever. At such times, in order to accommodate this heat, the pulse rate increases greatly. Since heat concentrates in the affected region, it tends to decrease in other parts of the body, thus bringing about unpleasant chills. At such times, the lungs absorb large quantities of the water element, causing the respiration rate to increase, stimulating the activity of the heart, and preventing dehydration.

The spirit of fire is, of course, emitted by the sun, the spirit of water by the moon, and the spirit of soil by the earth.

Principal among the three major organs is the heart, which activates the lungs, which in turn activate the stomach. Though insufficiency of food in the stomach does not mean immediate danger to life, survival is possible for no more than a few minutes if the lungs become inoperative and for only seconds when the heart fails. This is clear from the custom of medicai science of always giving heart failure, not failure of the lungs or stomach, as the cause of death.

When a person dies, the heart first stops operating. The body then becomes cold as the spirit, the element of fire which had previously filled it, departs to return to the spiritual world. Then the lungs cease respiration, and the element of water which had permeated the body returns to the realm of air, initiating a process of drying up. Obviously the stomach also stops operating and the impossibility of obtaining drink and food causes the body to become rigid.

Since the human body is composed of an amalgam of the three elements of fire, water, and soil, curing illnesses that beset the body is rational only if it relies on the powers of those three elements. This is the principie of Johrei.

Johrei depends on power from the Supreme God, a transmitting of light. It is a spiritual light, invisible to the human eye, whereas the visible light of the sun, a lamp, or an electric bulb is the physical manifestation of light. The essence of light is a close union between the elements of water and fire. The greater the amount of the fire element, the stronger the light. However, the power of light composed of fire and water is insufficient. The element of soil is also necessary. Inclusion of the element of soil perfects the union of the three-in-one, which emits a light with wonderful healing powers. Waves of this light penetrate the body and eliminate polluting clouds in the spirit. The effect of this process is transferred to the body in the form of therapeutic effects.

As for the practical means of carrying this out, I write, as I have so often explained, the character for the word light on a piece of paper, which is then folded and worn inside the clothing. The spirit of light waves pass through my arm and through the pen to permeate and condense (though I use the word condense, the process is difficult to explain). A connection is then established between the character for light and the source of light within my body by means of spiritual cords along which a supply of light waves passes ceaselessly. The spiritual link between the Supreme God and myself is similar; an infinite amount of light waves is transmitted to me for the sake of the salvation of mankind.

As this explanation should have made clear, a therapeutic method making use of the power of the three-in-one composition of the human body is true therapy, and as is only to be expected, such therapy is capable of manifesting unprecedented healing powers.


August 6th, 1949



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