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I shall now turn to an explanation of toxins. Basically, toxin is something that taints the blood, or clouds the spirit. This tainting or clouding arises, of course, as a result of contamination through evil. The idea of contamination has been made much of by religions since ancient time, but so far accounts of it have been over-simplistic: evil is contaminating, so it should be avoided. But this kind of explanation cannot possibly convince a civilization that has become intellectual and scientific. Today, people require a sound argument based on empirical logic.

Just as the world consists of a physical and a spiritual realm, so a human being is made up of inseparably interrelated physical and spiritual beings. Because the spirit and body are one, cloudiness of the spirit is reflected in the blood and vice versa. This is of paramount importance, and must be clearly understood. The physical wrong a person commits causes clouds to form on the spirit. An accumulation of these clouds cause a purification process to begin; this may take the form of illness, legal punishment, or some other disaster. Any wrong which escapes these kinds of purification will be spiritually punished according to God's law. A person may avoid retribution by his fellow man, but the punishment of God is absolute and will be reflected in the body in the form of some great suffering. Such illnesses are highly malignant and often fatal. The process of suffering the consequences of evil can be likened to a debt. The longer it goes unpaid, the more the interest accumulates. Those rare villains who manage to avoid the punishment of humankind and God in this world will plunge into hell when they die because of the gravity of their misdeeds, and finally be obliged to repent. The hell in question is like that which the Buddhists call Avichi, the lowest of all hellish regions, or the Nezoko-no-kuni (land below the roots) of Shintoism, where there is complete darkness in which one remains as if frozen for hundreds of years. All desperately wicked people must resign themselves to going to this kind of world. I realize that modern people will have difficulty accepting this, but I insist it be believed, since what I say comes directly from spirits I have heard during my researches into the spiritual realm.

The self-reproach one feels at doing wrong results in suffering which is in itself a form of mild purification. It would be good if complete repentance followed at this stage, but it rarely does, and most people go on sinning more and more. The extent of one's spiritual cloudiness is commensurate with the degree of wrong doing. Clouds, however, can come from without as well as from within. Take, for example, a case where one person causes another suffering. The victim becomes angry and bitter, and these emotions are transmitted through spiritual cords to the spiritual being of the person who caused the original harm, and thus cause clouds. By contrast, when one person makes another happy, his or her gratitude is transmitted back in the form of light to the benefactor, whose clouds are reduced by it. It is a fundamental law of nature that the more such good deeds are done in secret, and without desire for reward the greater will be the reward from God. Human beings shall believe and abide by this absolute truth. Purification of the cloudiness causes sickness and other disasters; therefore, if human beings wish to be happy they must do good, not wrong, and thereby prevent their spirits from becoming clouded.

Next, I shall touch on the subject from the physical standpoint. The form of illness which comes from murkiness in the blood is, of course, caused by the poison called medicine. Medicines are essentially toxic, but people have mistakenly interpreted them as beneficiai because they are unaware that sickness is a purification process. I shall explain the principle involved in toxic medicine from the standpoint of practical experiment, but must point out that even people who have been cured by Johrei can suffer a relapse. We call this repurification. Though the initial Johrei removes the toxins that have already stimulated the purification process, as the person returns to vigorous, active work, a brisk purification starts again. In other words, the patient becomes healthy as a result of purification, and further purification is stimulated by this good health. As the process is repeated, the patient gradually approaches full recovery. This repurification, however, can entail fairly violent high temperatures and severe coughing. The phlegm coughed up is old and therefore thick; it is easily recognizable by its medicinal smell. The patient loses appetite, grows weak, and in rare cases may die.

The Creator has enabled the Earth to produce all the food needed for the nourishment of humanity, the protagonists of the world. God has given to each food its own flavor and to human beings the sense of taste. There is thus no need to worry about nutrition. Merely to eat and enjoy the things one likes is enough for good health. The principle in operation in this case is similar to that governing the sexual appetite, which has other purposes than simply to create human beings. Thus, human beings should not put into their bodies anything other than substances specified as foods. If the food has no taste or is bitter it should not be eaten. It is through, ignorance of this, that people have always made the great mistake of assuming that unpalatable medicines are good for the body.



December 1st, 1952



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