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That we call the new civilization is, in simple language, a world of beauty.

In man this means the beauty of the mind and heart and spirit. His words and actions, of course, must also be beautiful. This is the beauty of the individual, and when it is extended, the beauty of society comes into existence. That is, relationships between individuals become more beautiful; houses, streets, means of transportation, and public gardens all become more beautiful also.

By its very nature, beauty must be unsullied, so on a larger scale government affairs, education and economic activities must become morally pure, and diplomatic relations between nations must become totally honest and positive.

As we think in this way, we cannot help realizing how much ugliness there is in today's society. Especially among the lower classes there is far too little beauty. One cause of this is that their incomes are too small. As a result, their levels of education are low. Also, facilities for their welfare and recreation are very inadequate. All these factors generate social unrest.

I wish to make special mention of recreational facilities, which require an abundance of beauty. I say this because there is nothing more effective in elevating human sentiments than awareness of beauty. This is the reason we constantly advocate appreciation of all the arts. It is hardly necessary to mention how the vulgar and indecent nature of the creative arts and entertainments we see today is becoming a factor in the corruption and degradation of people's minds. In order to bring about a world of beauty, a most important necessity is economic strength. As long as the people of a nation remain poor, they cannot even dream of bringing such a world into reality. What, then, must be done in order to build up economic strength? People must do their utmost to increase their productive power, and the condition most vitally necessary for this is the health of each individual. This is one of the main goals toward which our church aims. It is for this purpose that it is demonstrating a spiritual healing force which is unequaled in the world. It is actually developing a great number of individuals who are enjoying perfect health in spirit, mind and body.

From this I trust you understand that our fellowship has been endowed by God with the mission of and qualification for establishing such a world of beauty. The realization of this world is but a matter of time.

I do hope the public at large will watch closely the direction we will take in the years to come.


June 3, 1950




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