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I have said repeatedly that Paradise on Earth will be a world of art. However, this statement is too ambiguous. Truly, fine arts, literature and other forms of entertainment will flourish in the New Age, which is wonderful to contemplate. But to tell the truth, this is not enough; I believe all art forms should be included. I mean by this that all phases of living should become equally artistic. If they do not, earth cannot be called a true paradise.

The spiritual healing, the channeling of the Divine Light which I adocate, is truly an art of life. I say this because art, in essence, must be based upon, in harmony with, the conditions of truth, virtue and beauty. A person who is ill is not in his true state of being, is not balanced. Perfect health is man's true state. When a person's health is impaired he has lost this.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Suppose you have a vessel. If any part of it is damaged, it loses its full usefulness. If it leaks, will not stand upright, or falls apart when it is touched, it is no longer in its true state of being. It must be repaired in order for it to serve its full purpose once more.

Similarly, if a man cannot work as a total being because of illness, he becomes useless. He too needs to be made whole, and it is Johrei which can accomplish this.

In the same way, if a human being should lose his quality of goodness and do only wicked things, he would no longer be a true man; he would be a beast. Such a person would be worse than useless, for he would be of harm to society; his very existence would be a threat. God alone holds the power of life and death in His Hands, makes the decisions. So, anyone who disobeyed His Law would have to experience suffering in some form, such as failure in business, illness, or an extremely straitened financial condition. In some cases, his life might end before originally planned. This vould be the judgment passed by God.

There are two kinds of evil: that which is committed intentionally and that which is committed unintentionally. The degree of suffering is proportionate to the degree and nature of the evil committed. Divine Law is absolutely fair and impartial on this point.

Beauty is a familiar subject, and its characteristics are obvious, so I will not go into any explanation of it.

As you see by the above statements, the fundamental requisite for the transformation of this world into Paradise on Earth is the embodiment of truth, virtue and beauty in every part of living. Therefore, our spiritual healing work, Johrei, and our revolutionary farming method, Nature Farming, are definitely art in its broadest sense; the former is the art of living itself and the latter is the art of maintaining life through the growing of crops.

In addition to the above mentioned, we have still another activity, the construction of Prototypes of Paradise on Earth. This, we believe, is the art of beauty. The art of living, the art of agriculture, and the art of beauty combined will result in a New Age of Light in which truth, virtue and beauty exist in perfect balance. This is exactly what I mean when I talk about bringing the ideal world, Paradise on Earth, into manifestation.



October 4th, 1950




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