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As inhabitants of this modern world, we must have a clear perception of what kind of age we are living in. I am going to write about the fact that we are living in a world in which, through the inventions of radio and television, we can know everything that is happening on this planet almost in an instant. Really, material civilization has advanced with amazing speed.

What does this mean? The answer is most important, for if a person does not perceive it he is not qualified to talk about modern civilization. I believe that the terms "world nation" and "world government," which have been advocated by many individuals in the United States of America for several years, indicate nothing other than the ideal world which is being born. When that happens, a president of the entire planet must be elected, and any country will be qualified to offer a candidate from among its people.

In order for this new world to come into full existence a great transformation must take place in every field of civilization. The crux of the change, I believe, must be a revolution of human thought, in which all "isms" will be eliminated and unification of minds will be accomplished.

To make this easy to understand, let us imagine that a great painter has started to create a masterpiece titled "World." The picture he is working on will ultimately show the total perfection, the consummate skill of the artist, who is expressing the highest beauty, using an infinite variety of lines and colors. Imagine the length of time required just to make all the necessary preparations for this great painting of the world! When these are completed, the first step, the most important, is taken: the drawing of the lines marking the boundaries between countries. Once these have been made, the colors are applied. Many pigments are needed to designate the earth's different races and nations. Please remember, as you read, that I am writing this to make a point. Now, all the skillfully drawn lines and all the colors have been applied; the masterpiece is completed.

This is nothing other than the great Art of God at work. Each country, which is symbolized by the individual "color" He has given it, fulfills its particular role. Up to the present, many people of each country have considered their own "color" superior to all others in the world, have tried to "paint" the entire planet in that one color. No wonder they could not succeed! Of course, they have even ignored the time element. The defeats of Japan and Germany in World War II bear eloquent witness to this truth.

In this sense, any particular "ism" or thought is like one single color which is made to fit specific individual purposes. It is not only impossible for anyone to successfully use this one color to paint beyond the boundary lines of other areas, but any attempt to do so creates disharmony, which in turn produces friction, which can eventually develop into major conflict. This can distort God's great painting, which is based on His Love for ali humanity.

This is why the seeming success of some people does not last for long. Consider the so-called heroes of the past, almost all of whom were defeated in the end by their own actions of interfering with the Art of God. Powerful countries should learn from historical fact that instead of trying to paint other countries their own colors, they should help them to bring out more clearly the beauties of their individual colors. By adopting this kind of policy they will be in harmony with God's Will and an ideal world will soon become a reality.

We should apply this same idea to religion. Even here, if each church or sect continues to follow the old way of trying to paint others with its particular color, it is not only going against the progress of the times but also against God's Plan.

Let all religions realize the deep Will of God which is underlying the progress of civilization, and work together for the establishment of the coming ideal world.



December 20th, 1949




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