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All things not just animals but plants and minerals as well breathe. In fact, the planet Earth itself breathes, as I shall now explain.

Earth breathes once a year. Exhalation begins in the spring and reaches its climax in the summer. The exhaled breath of the Earth, like that of human beings, is warm. It results from the emanation of ground heat and grows more intense in spring, when all things begin to grow. The grasses and trees come into bud first of all, all things reach upward, and man himself feels a lifting of the heart. As summer approaches, the vegetation flourishes increasingly till a kind of peak is reached, when the Earth itself begins to breathe in. At this point, plants and trees wither, and all things go into a state of decline. Human beings too become cool and calm. As this course of development moves toward the opposite pole, winter sets in. In this natural cycle, the Earth exhales its spiritual ether nitrogen, in scientific terms which enables plants to grow. Nitrogen constantly rises, collects at the upper limits of air, then is returned to Earth again with the falling rain. This is natural nitrogen fertilization. It is an error to take nitrogen from the air and use it artificially as fertilizer. At first, this increases crops, but if nitrogen fertilization is continued for a long time, the soil becomes poor as a result of nitrogen addiction. In other words, oversaturation of nitrogen dulls the soil's vigor. During World War I, the Germans invented nitrogen fertilizer in order to increase crops. They were able to achieve their wartime aims with its use, but such fertilization should have been abandoned with the return of peace.

Incidentally, sun spots, for which there have long been various explanations, represent in fact the breathing of the sun. Every eleven years, when the spots are said to increase, the sun reaches the end of its exhalation phase. Though it is usually said that the light of the moon is a reflection of the light of the sun, the burning of the sun might also be seen as caused by the moon's water element. The waxing and waning of the moon, which take twenty-eight days to complete, represent that body´s respiratory activity.


September 5, 1948



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