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Not long ago, a member of our organization gave me tangerines from a tree he has been cultivating for forty years without the use of fertilizers. I ate some at once and can say I have never found anything so delicious. Fellow believers often give me naturally cultivated fruits and vegetables that, though certainly more delicious than those raised with fertilizers, are still not one-hundred percent as good as they should be.

This is because some fertilizer toxin remains in their seeds or in the soil in which they are grown. It takes more than four or five years to eradicate this toxin and allow true flavors to emerge.

Eating the tangerines made me think of the effects our cultivation method could have on the economy. If naturally grown fruits and vegetables were marketed, their delicious flavors would soon win them an enormous following, and there is no telling how great sales might be. In addition, they could be exported abroad, bringing in unprecedented amounts of money, to the great advantage of the national economy.

Recently, many stores have started selling so-called sanitary vegetables raised with chemical fertilizers but without human manure. It is true that this system eliminates the danger of internai parasites, but the vegetables themselves are inferior in flavor. Consequently, experienced members of our organization could make plenty of money selling vegetables and fruits raised our way, without fertilizers of any kind. Aside from making money, such action would publicize nature farming, and I would like our members to start doing this at once.



December 5, 1951





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