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"...Another thing I would like to mention is that when members ask me questions, they often refer to subjects which can be found m my writings. They do so because they have been negligent about reading the teachings. I advise you to read them as much as possible. The more you read, the deeper your faith will become and the more cleansed your spiritual being will be. If you neglect to study the teachings, you will begin to notice a loss of spiritual strength.

The more your spiritual understanding advances, the more you are drawn to the teachings, until you are studying them with a new intensity and fervor. It is good to read them over and over again, until you find they have become an integral part of your being. Needless to say, the more you study them, the more clearly you will come to realize God's Will."


November 29th, 1950



Some publications of Meishu-Sama´s epoch


To organize the reference of Meishu-Sama´s Teachings, they were divided into 5 sections:








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