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Sakai Hoitsu was the sun of the feudal lord of Himeji Castle, and in this fortunate environment he was able to study art from his childhood. He especially admired workd of Korin and became a painter, a poet, and a scholar of the art of Korin and his school.

In traditional Japanese art and literature, the word "flower" usually meant cherry flower unless otherwise indicated. The trio of snow, moon and cherry flowers was a favorite subject of artists since these "three beautiful things" represented the seasonal pleausres of winter, autumn, and spring, respectively.

In this particular work, Hoitsu considered the overall balance of the three scrolls as a unit. He placed the pine tree with snow at the top, the moon and clouds in the middle, and the cherry flowers at the bottom.

Because of its excellent composition and its beautiful coloring, this work is considered one of the best by Hoitsu. It was probably painted toward the end of his lifetime.



Snow, Moon and Flower (Triptych)

Sakai Hoitsu (1761 - 1828)

Edo Period (1615 - 1867)

Height 91.4 cm, width 35.1 cm






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