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In the middle of May 1931, Master Jinsai received inspiration telling Him to go worship on June fifteenth at the temple Nihon-ji, on the slopes of Mount Nokogiri, in Chiba Prefecture.

Mount Nokogiri (Japanese, Nokogiri-yama) is a low mountain (329.5 mt or 1,081 ft) on the Boso peninsula on Honshu, Japan. It lies on the southern border of the city of Futtsu and the town Kyonan in Awa District in Chiba prefecture. The mountain runs east to west, having a characteristic saw-shaped profile of a Japanese saw (nokogiri). It falls steeply into Tokyo bay on its western side, where it is pierced by two road tunnels and a rail tunnel, carrying the Uchibo Line south from Futtsu to Tateyama. The western side of the mountain is also the site of the Nihon Temple, which is the home of the largest Daibutsu sculpture in Japan. The temple is accessible by road and by a cable car, the Nokogiriyama Ropeway, which runs from Hamakanaya station to the temple precinct

Embed in the mountain, is the Nihon-ji Temple, and also the Daibutsu Great Buddha (31.05 mt), sculpted into the side of the mountain. Actually, only the back of the Buddha was sculpted "into" the rock behind; the rest of the statue stuck out bravely to face the strong sea winds sweeping across the mountain side.

Also, there is a shaded clearing, where stood another tall Buddhist statue, Hyakushaku-Kannon. At 30.3 meters, this was most definitely sculpted with sharp lines into the vertical cliff edge, making Him a harsher, Dickensian uncle to a rounder daibutsu father.

Mount Nokogiri was named after a saw because of the jagged outlines that were left after so much stone was cut from it. Reaching the top, the name was was more befitting the ferociously exposed, sharp-edged cliff that awaited you at the end of your climb. There is only room for one person at a time at the furthest point of this cliff, named all too vividly Jigoku-nozoki ("a peep at hell").

The mountain is, clearly, a sacred place which contains the Nihon-ji Temple, where Master Jinsai received God´s Revelation of Transition from Night to Day.


Jigoku-nozoki ("a peep at hell")



Hyaku-shaku Kannon



Hyakutai Kannon




Daibutsu ("Great Buddha")




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