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Besides the Three Primordial Paradises, Master Jinsai let it be known that He wished to see many other Earthly Paradise Prototypes spread throughout the world, for it is from these small Prototypes that the Earthly Paradise will come to be.

As such, there are many other small models spread out in Japan, erected by independent organizations, as well as the Prototypes in Brazil, Thailand and in other countries. With the increase of the prototypes, the day will come in which the World of Miroku will be established on Earth.

About the construction of the prototypes, this is how Master Jinsai explains:

“The things of God are all shown through the prototype. For example, when an area is enlarged or a construction is erected, the part corresponding to the Divine Work, naturally, enlarges in the same proportion and goes on expanding.

Likewise, when a small model is expanded, the great things also will expand. As such, building an attachment and enlarging a ground, for example, is really very good.”



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