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Though it might sound odd for me, a specialist in religion to describe myself as a scientist, yet anyone who reads this to the end will be convinced that the description is accurate.

As I often say, modern science is still on a level too low to be called science at all. Contemporary science places maximum stress on the discovery and investigation of particles. Sophistication of the microscope has made possible astounding advances in humanity's understanding of extreme minute particles. We are capable of investigating things magnified thousands, even millions of times, and possibilities for further development seem infinite. The word spirit , which has come into popular usage in recent years, probably refers to this limitless world. It is not scientific operations as such, of course, by hypotheses deduced from the results of research into scientific theories that have enabled us to learn about this world; without such hypotheses, efforts to understand it would have been futile. This infinite world is the same thing as the spiritual world that I teach. Science, which in reality has long denied the spiritual, has now been obliged to recognize it.

By coming to a more accurate appreciation of the spiritual world, science has suddenly raised itself to an elevated position and take a step forward in the scholarly search for ideal truth. In its early period, science concentrated on the physical; in its latter period, it will concentrate on the spiritual. The emergence of such a science on the world stage signifies a 180-degree turn, bringing science into agreement with religion.

To make this still easier to understand, let us imagine a line drawn through the center of the world of science. Material science is below that line, and spiritual science above it. The former concerns itself with external content, and the latter with internal content. It is a matter for great rejoicing that science should have moved from the material, where it was a science of existence, to the spiritual, where it is a science dealing with things without physical existence.

A serious problem still remains, however. It is not enough simply to understand the spiritual world. Its essence must be grasped and then made useful to humanity. Physical has no method capable of doing this. To deal with the spiritual, it is essential to employ the spiritual.

In my opinion, this difficulty can easily be overcome. Indeed, it has already been overcome in my work with astonishing results. In cases of curing sickness I am using the spirit to solve spiritual problems. To explain briefly: since impurities accumulated in the patient's sprit are the sources of all illness - according to the firm law that the spiritual precedes the physical - removing these impurities necessarily effects a cure. The method whereby this cure is effected is to use a special kind of spiritual radiation - it might be called a spiritual atomic bomb - to burn away the impurities. this method, which we call Johrei , is a sophisticated scientific operation worthy of being called a "super science," since it solves problems that medicine, science, and religion have heretofore found irresolvable.

Since the inferior cannot overcome the superior, a solution of the high-level problems of human life by means of low-level material science is impossible.. This is proved by the ease with which Johrei can cure illness that medical science has given up as hopeless. Spiritual science could be called the inner essence of physical science.

Let us now examine more thoroughly the nature of the spiritual world. Essentially, the spiritual world is made up of the essences of sun, moon, and the earth, a union of what science refers to oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and what we call the fire element, the water element, and the soil element. Earth is the basic form of the material world; sun, of the spirit; moon, of the air. Sun and moon control the atmosphere, which fills all spaces on the earth. The fire element, though the strongest, is also the rarest of the three. For this reason, while understanding heat and light, science has not yet grasped the nature of the fire element as a spirit. Since science has concentrated solely on the elements of water and soil, it is these that characterize modern civilization; this is its greatest failing.

At this point I have to describe a major, startling change that the world is due to undergo. The world, as we have seen, is composed of the three elements of sun, moon, and earth. In terms of physical phenomena, the alternation of the sun and the moon signifies the change from day to night. A similar division between day and night exists in the spiritual world, even though material science cannot understand it. Spiritual science, on the other hand, can understand it. The great change which must take place in the world is a transition of a startling kind humanity has never previously considered. It is now about to begin. It is a historical change, an expansion of day and night that can only be comprehended in terms of time itself. In the spiritual world, alternation of day and night takes place once in ten, a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand years. Just as the planet earth is composed of the three elements of fire, water, and oil, so all universal space is based on the number three. According to this immutable law of the universe, day and night last three years, thirty years, three hundred years, three thousand years, and so on. Of course, there are differences in the speed with which the transfer from spirit to material being is made depending on the nature and size of the thing in question. Nonetheless, in general, everything flows according to the law.

Surprisingly enough, the great transition that must take place once is three thousand years is about to happen now - now is its dawning. As I have written previously, the very date of the transition is clearly known: since June 15, 1931 the world has been in its day phase. Though the transition has been made in the spiritual world, it is gradually being transferred to the physical world and will eventually become a reality.

As the spiritual world enters the day phase, the quantity of fire element will increase. This too will gradually be reflected in the physical world, and the situation prevailing until the present in which water has taken precedence over fire will be reversed; fire will take precedence over water. No physical science can explain this, yet people of enlightenment will understand fully. Problems that have necessarily gone without solutions in the past con now be readily solved. In this way, my idea is to elevate physical science from its present low level to the point where it can help to create a true civilization.


April 7, 1954 



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