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I think that when the word "hero" is spoken, it stimulates a feeling of admiration within the heart of almost any person. On the other hand, however, I must confess that I have a feeling of something inexplicably unsatisfactory about it which comes with that sense of admiration. I don't think this is true only with me, but that a kind of sadness wells up in almost everyone's heart. Without needing to think deeply about it, we can see from the exploits which appear in the historical records that behind the brilliant roles heroes have played on the stages of history, there have often been sinful acts which sacrificed many people and caused terrible havoc, all for the heroes' own interests. These cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, however, there is something for which we must thank them. I am referring to the fact that we must remember how much entertainment is brought to us by novels, plays and films featuring these heroes in the main roles.

Be that as it may, it seems to me that people in general do not often discriminate between heroes and great men. Jesus Christ, Shakyamuni Buddha and Mohammed, the three outstanding holy men of this world, were great without doubt, but were not what we call heroes. When we think about what they accomplished we can easily understand this, for their tremendous efforts were directed toward the spiritual salvation of humanity.

The brilliant civilization we see today is of course the achievement of science, but that is only the surface appearance of reality. When we measure these scientific merits against spiritual achievements, we can easily see the contributions of the spiritual leaders who have worked in quite a different area. Because this area is invisible it has not attracted much attention from people in general. Not only that, scientific work and spiritual work have long been misunderstood as being two completely opposite fields. We do not really know how much misery this mistaken idea has caused for mankind.

The fact is, the material and the spiritual are two facets of civilization, like the two sides of a coin or the dual quality of the yin and the yang, working together. Our civilization has reached the present level of progress because of these two facets, even though the spiritual side lagged far behind during the age of Night. This has been a part of God's profound Plan, in which material progress has been due to the achievements of heroes and scholars, while spiritual progress has been due to the contributions of saints and spiritual leaders.

Our civilization has advanced this far in this way, but we have come to the point where we cannot entertain further expectations; we have now reached a dead end. Truly, the miseries and the sense of insecurity of humanity are becoming greater and greater all the time, and no one can even imagine when a world of peace and happiness, the goal and ideal of man, will be realized. Therefore, a much more highly developed civilization must be established by effecting a tremendous advancement in the present one.

I am happy to declare that the time is now; God has revealed to me clearly the true meaning of His Plan and how it is to be achieved. Moreover, He has endowed me with a tremendous power with which to accomplish this. So, I have set about the work. You are probably surprised at my words, for indeed they must sound like great boasting to you, like self-praise. I cannot help this, though, because it is all true. If you watch with close attention, the changes the world will undergo from now on and the advancement of our work which will come with the changes, you will truly understand that what I say is fact.

Religion up to the present has been based on a Shojo attitude. Teachings in the past have not gone deep enough, so they have caused much confusion; and many of their followers have not attained true peace of mind. This has been unavoidable because the time has been premature. The Supreme God, however, has revealed to me the absolute Truth, the meaning of all things in the universe to the very core. Since the time is not yet right to give explanations of everything, I can only write about all this to a certain extent.

í we can learn by observation, ali religions employ two methods for ling salvation: through written words of sacred books, and through oken words of various kinds of preaching. I will say that some reli-organizations in Japan maintain, besides the teachings, bequests for followers mountainous lands and other properties which they have tloped; buildings which have already been completed; and art objects, ; of which have been created by the priests. Through careful study of |the above facts, however, we can see that there is no real spiritual ngth in these religions, that they do not have the power to lead the rld which is to come.

Here I feel I must write a little about my work. As most of you must already be aware, I have chosen three places of scenic beauty, namely Hakone, Atami and Kyoto, have designated them as our Sacred Grounds, and am constructing a prototype of Paradise on Earth at each one. The purpose of such prototypes is to make miniature paradises which contain harmonious union the characteristic beauties of Japan and also those of other countries. These prototypes include big gardens with the scenic wonders of mountains and water, museums dedicated to the arts, religious temples of most unconventional style, and so forth. Besides the above, our Church is devoting itself to developing new areas in the arts of healing and of farming. We are also awakening people to the reality of God through impressive number of miracles. Thus, by means of all these unprecedented things we are spreading the Work. They are the important basic arts of God's Plan for establishing a new world where truth, virtue and beauty are expressed in perfect balance.

Now, I would like to tell you about our various construction projects, which will be manifested in the future. I have the entire plan completed in my mind and am only waiting for the right time. Every part will gradually become a reality, one at a time, as the schedule advances. This will all be on such a huge scale that it will be hard for anyone to imagine its fulfillment, for it is, as it were, a creation of a new civilization.

As you see, our work is not that of a religion in the ordinary sense; it is so tremendous that it is hard for us to give it an appropriate name. For all that, the work is being carried out exactly as it has been revealed to me, and I myself am really surprised at the accuracy with which God's Plan is progressing. As you know by studying our history, it was in August 1947 that our religious organization was finally incorporated. So, it has achieved the wonderful expansion you see today in only six short years, and that has been done in spite of all the hard experiences of oppression by authorities, lack of understanding on the part of journalists, and various other disturbances. Indeed, we cannot possibly think of this as a human accomplishment. God's Work will surely continue to advance according to the Plan He has decided upon, and eventually, when the right time comes, the curtain for the Divine Drama will be raised, and will open onto the stage called the world. This thought alone arouses immense enthusiasm within us. At that time, truly amazing miracles will be manifested one after another, and scenes will develop that will thrill you with stirring emotions. You may look forward to that time with great expectations.

I, too, have such anticipations, and because God has chosen me to carry out this Plan of His, I think of myself as a kind of "hero of peace."


March 11, 1953



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